Virtual Reality Headset Gaming – The Best Two Games you need to Experience

Have you been gaming in front of a flat TV screen and playing with a controller for decades? Do you wish that you could spend more time immersed in a game’s world?, well, thanks to technology advancements, it’s possible! Gamers can dive into a created world by wearing a Virtual Reality headset.


Video games have become incredibly popular and the global market in terms of revenue is in the billions and due to the fact that almost anyone can play games, it reaches all ages and everyone around the world. Even businesses are starting to implement gaming within their corporation model because they know how successful and widespread the audience is. For example, the casino/gambling industry, there are many online casinos on the internet that implement the newest technologies within their games,like when looking at these gaming casinos, you’re able to play the traditional casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack etc through virtual reality headsets, this gives the individual the most realistic and best experience possible.


However, in this article we look at the best video games that you should experience whilst wearing a virtual reality headset.


Half Life: Alyx


Half Life: Alyx was released in 2020 and it is a virtual reality first person shooter game, this game is known for the best VR game (at the moment) it was strictly made for virtual gaming headsets, therefore unable to play with a standard controller. This game is that good and received high ratings and reviews from critics and normal gamers that it got awarded ‘The Game Award for Best VR Game’


Half Life is a zombie story driven survival game and for a VR game, the graphics and gameplay are incredible, within this game you will have to solve puzzles as well as do other challenges, however, if you’re on the search for a VR game to play, make sure this game is on your list.

Star Wars: Squadrons


Growing up falling in love with the Star Wars universe is one thing but actually having the ability to fly/control the ship and shoot is something else. This is what kids were dreaming off and now it’s somewhat of a reality. Star Wars Squadrons is a first-person multiplayer space combat game that was released in 2020. This game is also available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox One X/S and Playstation 4, however, if you want the full flying experience, you have the option to play with a virtual reality headset.