Knott’s Scary Farm 2021 Brings Frights, Fun, And Food Back In Grand Style

Knott’s Berry Farm has returned their much loved Knott’s Scary Farm which runs select dates through Halloween with evenings filled with fun, frights, and food.

Genevieve and I attended the opening night of the event and it was so nice to be back covering as we had not been able to attend for a few years and had various staff cover for us.

As such the mazes were all new for us and we enjoyed all 8 new mazes as well as the Scare Zones which each had their own unique theme and monsters.

The very eager crowd assembled while waiting for the ropes to drop and allow access to the event, and we started off with Pumpkin Eater which was a great maze set inside a Pumpkin. The sets and atmosphere were fantastic and there was even a seed room complete with “Pumpkin Juice” which was an unexpected pleasure and started the evening off well.

Genevieve had tweaked her back so took advantage of a scooter and the wandering monsters in the Scare Zones had her shrieking and laughing all night long; especially those that encouraged her to slow down so they can get a good scare going.

After our reception in the Fiesta Village which was complete with some great dancers; I set off for the mazes while Genevieve went for the live shows and Scare Zones. Thanks to our Fright and Fast Lane passes; we were able to avoid long waits as the longest wait we had all night was about 10-15 minutes as most attractions allowed us to go right up without any wait time.

I took the approach to walk the park and visit the attractions as they were encountered so Dark Ride and Mesmer were the next ones up. Dark Ride is a loving look at the classic Carnival rides of old where guests walk the tracks versus riding in cars. The abundance of props, monsters, and visual effects were amazing and set the tone well for Mesmer which was very popular seeing as it was a new maze. The blend of effects, themes, and settings made for a chilling and very enjoyable experience.


I made sure to take in the Log Ride which had been re-themed for Halloween and along the way we encountered lots of Clowns in the Boardwalk Scare Zone and the great Goreing 20s themed area where Flappers and other 20s area haunted characters roamed.

Next up for me was Origins which was a great Witch in the Old West-themed maze and once again; the highly detailed sets and visuals blended well and made for a very spooky experience.

The thick Smoke effects and lighting gave an eerie ambiance to the evening as one never knew what would emerge from the shadows or smoke to scare nearby guests. I enjoyed making my way to the Ghostrider area where four mazes; Wax Works, Paranormal Inc., The Depth, and Dark Entities lurked.

Never one to back away from a challenge; I powered through all four mazes consecutively and loved every minute of them.

Meeting up with Genevieve allowed us to take in some shows while we looked at the shopping options and Scare Zones as well as abundant dining options and themed options and treats.

Carnaval de Grotesque offered some great music for fans to enjoy with a Halloween theme as did Wicked Drums which combined a Witch story with some fantastic drumming segments.

There was also a great Puppet Show for adults called Puppet-Up! Uncensored and so much more.

Many of the attractions were also up and running and popular rides such as Ghost Rider and The Pony Express had guests shrieking well into the night as did the abundance of offerings.

Knott’s Scary Farm 2021 is bigger and better than ever and attracts large numbers of people. As such we advise taking advantage of a dining plan like the Boofet to gain early access and also take advantage of the pass as being able to avoid long lines is key to being able to enjoy everything this amazing event has to offer.

For tickets and more details; please visit.