BeQuiet! Reveals New PS5 Cooler

Interesting new hardware update for the PS5

The new cooler by the German manufacturer, known for its premium PC components, is a perfect match needed by savvy gamers who wish to take full advantage of the brand-new PlayStation®5 SSD expansion capabilities. The be quiet! MC1 M.2 SSD cooler is easy to install and is an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to safely expand the console’s storage using the recently unlocked M.2 SSD expansion slot.

M.2 SSD drives can run very hot, which often causes SSD throttling. This could easily be avoided by using M.2 SSDs with a heatsink. be quiet! offers gamers the ideal solution with its MC1 cooler, which is compatible with any single-sided or double-sided 2280 M.2 SSD that does not feature a built-in heatsink.


It is also one of the only M.2 SSD coolers on the market compact enough to perfectly fit inside the expansion slot of the PlayStation®5 and able to cool double-sided SSDs, protecting the memory modules on both sides of the PCB from overheating. The result is much lower and safer SSD temperatures, which translates into trouble-free gaming sessions and an increased lifespan of the drive.


The M.2 SSD cooler also comes in a Pro version that is NOT compatible with PS5. The PS5 compatible M.2 SSD cooler is be quiet! MC1 (MSRP $12.90.) and is available on Amazon and Newegg.