Four Video Games That Teach Actual Life Skills

With the digitalization of our culture, video games are an ever-increasing part of our life. They contribute to peer-to-peer interactions, education, music, and the arts. While initially, video games were only considered a pastime, a lot has changed over the years. With technology morphing to incorporate incredible new features, there is no end to what the gaming world can produce.


Video games may, at times, have negative impacts on our lives. For example, addiction, social disconnection, repetitive stress injuries, and exposure to cyberbullying are all prevalent in gamers, especially in online gaming. Cyberbullying is a severe crime, as noted by a law firm in Fort Worth.

Positive Impacts of Video Games

Not all is grey, however, as playing video games affects and impacts the brain with logical, spatial, and even acclimatization skills. Studies show that like exercise, playing games for as little as half an hour a day can be beneficial to your life and wellbeing.


Below are four video games that enhance real-life skills.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is a 3D video game simulator where gamers get to build and destroy a variety of blocks. And even though it is one of the most popular games globally, Minecraft neither comes with a set of instructions, nor objectives, which means players can build and explore however they want.


This game has a set of dynamics that boost specific abilities with its players, some of which include the Failure Dynamic, which teaches you how to embrace failure positively as you often fail; the Construction Dynamic, which encourages you to build something that matters; the Flexibility Dynamic, which provides multiple avenues to success; and System Thinking, which demonstrates how various pieces fit into each other.

2. MS Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most precise, legitimate, and available flight simulator type games. These full-motion simulators provide realistic scenarios for student pilots and registered pilots who use them to polish their skills.


The US Navy once approached a young man after doing so well in his Primary Flight Training. After being asked where he learned to fly like that, he cited MS Flight Simulator, which he used to download the area’s scenery that he performed his syllabus practice lessons on. That goes to show how realistic the features are!

3. F1 2019

Perhaps the most expensive F1 game ever brought out, it tops the list of formula one simulators out there. It is the only fully licensed game in this market and has the most to offer in terms of cars and tracks.


The community for racing simulation development went out on a limb to aim for an almost-real experience. F1 2019 actually hits the nail on the head in terms of achieving realistic mechanical and tangible elements that affect the overall outlook of the game. In other news, research shows the positive impact these driving and racing games have on people learning to drive.


4. Rocksmith

A simulator for guitars and bass guitars, Rocksmith is the ultimate haven for anyone trying to learn how to play these stringed instruments. Its upside is that it lets you use an actual guitar to learn music. It has a fun interface that allows you to understand authentic tablature and teaches by using actual chords used in real popular music.

Educational Aspects to Video Games

For anyone trying to learn while having fun, video games provide a new way to experience the world and a platform to work collaboratively in and solve problems through complex mental challenges. This fosters patience and, above all, resilience.