WOW Classic Reveals Season of Mastery On October 5th

Looks like more questing ahead.

Seasoned adventurers and newcomers alike will soon have the opportunity for a fresh start in World of Warcraft Classic with brand new realms that will wipe the slate clean and begin a new adventure from level one with #slightlymorechanges.
World of Warcraft Season of Mastery open beta kicks off October 5, and all players will be able to test the upcoming gameplay and quality of life changes coming to Classic on these realms. Some of the planned changes include:
  • Faster Phase Unlocking: All six planned content phases will be condensed to a one-year timespan, with new phases unlocking every couple of months.
  • Faster Leveling: To accommodate the quicker cadence of content releases, experience gains—specifically those awarded for quest completion—will be increased.
  • Raid Boss Tuning: Bosses will be tuned slightly harder to match the increases in player power from the 1.12 patch tuning.
  • Quality of Life Changes: Players can look forward to additional changes to raid encounters (such as disabling world buffs in raids), raid boss debuff changes, increased profession gathering nodes, and more.
For a full rundown of planned content that will be coming to these realms, please see the World of Warcraft blog.
In addition to the above, the WoW developer team have also issued a statement today regarding the evolution of creative content in World of Warcraft and the updates the team has been making, and will continue to make.
Here is the link regarding the Seasons of Mastery open beta news and here is the link to the developer statement regarding updates.