No Time To Die Gives Bond Fans A Fitting Finale For Daniel Craig

This is the 25th Bond film to be released, the fifth and final Bond for Daniel Craig, and the
introduction of the first female double-O seven. Last we have seen from Bond, he has retired,
nestled in what is Golden Eye (Ian Fleming’s Jamaican Estate) in this case, Bond’s home. He
has been retired for over five years since he sent Madeline (Lea Seydoux) away on a train.

Enjoying his retirement, James is paid a visit by his long-time CIA friend, Felix Leigter(Jeffrey
Wright), with a special request. A scientist who Bond had previously helped, Valdo Obruchev
(David Dencik) was taken from a secret lab in London. The biochemical weapon and all data
that he was working on went with him. Bond, in order to get Obruchev back, gets to attend a
special gathering in Cuba. He turns down the CIA job, runs into Nomi, aka 007 (Lashana
Lynch). Finding out that the Home Office had an interest, he accepts Felix’s offer.
He meets up with Paloma (Ana De Armas), a recently trained CIA agent. to crash the party in
Havana, where almost all of the members of Spectre are in attendance. Paloma is definitely not
a typical Bond Girl here. She is a cross between the doe-eyed innocence of Marilyn Monroe and
the sharp, balletic, grace of Michelle Yeoh. The “Bond Girl” has transformed over the 25 films.
No longer are they the sex symbols of James Bond’s conquests, they have become empowered
to be the heroes.

Action has always been anticipated on every Bond adventure. Every movie from the franchise
has been beyond expectations of the audience. The chases, fights, and stunts have been
breathtakingly exciting, with Bond 25 exceeding the previous standards.

No Time to Die gives a tip of the hat to previous Bond Films. The tropes founded from these
films have been used over the years in many action, comedy, and satire films. The self-assured
secret agent, the glamorous locations, beautiful women, and the singular psychopaths set on
world domination. With Fleming’s property in Jamaica, Bond’s Aston Martin, Q, and his gadgets,
the Bond Legacy with Daniel Craig’s departure is acknowledged while it transforms into the next

Yes, it is a Bond film, which is always fun. No Time to Die is the lead-in to the new generation of
the double 0’s with respect to the 24 films that came before. I enjoyed the film and did not even
feel the running time. It had my full attention from the beginning.

4.5/5 Stars