New World MMO: The Best Ways for Leveling Up Fast!

The highly anticipated New World MMO by Amazon Games is finally here! After 6 months of delays, the New World game has finally launched and is taking the MMORPG gaming community by storm! Gamers around the world are finally able to access the open-world of Aeternum, a survival island influenced by colonial America, to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with epic PvP and PvE battling, team building, and exploration. Everyone is excited to play, and now that the game is here, we thought we’d cover a few proven methods that will help you to level up faster.


To start with the basics, there are 3 areas for a player to advance: weapons skills, trade skills, and basic character stats. Reaching the maximum level attainable in all of these areas allows for the most dynamic gameplay experience. Like most games, characters complete quests, battles, and other tasks to gain XP, which in turn fills a meter. Once the meter is filled, players then level up, the meter empties, and players then continue building XP to reach the next level. There are many perks to leveling up including gaining attribute points for your character, unlocking new content and quests, and receiving rewards after reaching certain milestones. In order to reach these milestones quickly, we recommend players follow these tips:


  1. When exiting the game, be sure to leave your character in a settlement in order to gain the Rested XP Bonus when you re-enter.
  2. Complete quests on the Town Project Board (this is the fastest way to gain XP.)
  3. Complete quests and increase your standings in various territories in order to gain even more XP.
  4. Complete the main quests of the game as soon as possible to obtain large amounts of XP relatively quickly.
  5. Use a New World paid recovery service like to quickly hit the level maximum (LVL 60), and enter the game with high-end content like Invasions, Outpost Rush, Expeditions and others already unlocked and ready to be played.


As players gain XP and continue to level up, they will reach certain milestones that earn prizes like weapon slots, houses, bags, and other useful goods. On top of providing tangible in-game rewards and unlocking new adventures within the game, leveling up also enhances the entire player experience. Most gamers know that increasing your character stats allows you to inflict and resist more damage, or to complete other actions like mining for stone more efficiently. As a result of an improved and more efficient character, the overall psychological experience of playing the game becomes much more enjoyable. After all, it’s more fun to win than it is to lose right?


Right! So let’s go over some additional methods you can use to improve your character, weapon and trade stats, in order to increase your chances of emerging victorious in battles, completing exclusive quests, and engaging in a more dynamic gameplay experience as a whole.

Weapon Mastery:

Weapon Mastery in the Amazon MMO New World, is an element of character progression that unlocks abilities for the various weapon classes in the game. By mastering a weapon type, you can deal more damage to other players or environmental enemies, and even equip weapons with gems, bonuses, and other mods. There are currently 11 weapon types in the game that can be mastered by using your weapon of choice in combat. These are top 3 ways to quickly level up your weapons:


  1. Completing PvP missions to gain XP for that particular weapon type.
  2. Hitting enemies other players are battling once. (Not to worry, this action won’t steal XP from the other player, but instead grants the same amount to both parties.)
  3. Using a New World boosting service for weapons mastery like When using a weapons mastery boost, you can have your ideal weapons fully upgraded and modded to how you want. Using a carry service removes the time required to advance your character and weapons via boring side quests, mining for resources, and other less exciting elements to the game, and allows you to jump right into the action of completing the thrilling quests, expeditions, and PvP battles New World has to offer.

Trade Mastery:

Another key element to progressing in New World is Trade Mastery. Trade Mastery allows you to advance in various professions like weaponsmithing, jewelcrafting, and many others. Every character has 17 Trade Skills that they can level up. Although having 17 skills to master can sound intimidating, many of them work in conjunction with one another for a more digestible experience. In order to gain XP and improve these skills, you will have to dedicate a good chunk of time using that skill in order to reap the benefits, so we recommend prioritizing the ones you find most valuable for your unique playstyle.


Here’s how to boost your Trade Skills:


  1. Gathering Skills:
    1. Logging: Embody your inner lumberjack and chop some trees with your trusty Logging Axe.
    2. Mining: Prepare to get dirty! Grab a Pick Axe and mine some rocks.
    3. Fishing: Find a Fishing Pole, a nice spot on the lake, and cast out a line.
    4. Harvesting: Gather the various plants and herbs the terrain has to offer.
    5. Skinning: Take your Skinning Knife and skin the hides off of Aeternum’s vicious wildlife.


  1. Refining Skills:
    1. Smelting: Make some ingots or charcoal at a Smelter.
    2. Woodworking: Turn the logs you chopped earlier into a variety of wood planks at a Woodshop.
    3. Leatherworking: Produce leather at a tannery for use in crafting medium armor.
    4. Weaving: Visit a loom and refine your items to craft light armor you can wear in battle.
    5. Stonecutting: Make stone blocks and gems that can be used to enhance weapons while at a Stonecutting Table.


  1. Crafting Skills:
    1. Engineering: Build weapons, ammo, and other tools at a Workshop.
    2. Furnishing: While at a Workshop craft furniture, chests, and other valuables that you can use to decorate your house.
    3. Weaponsmithing: Create weapons at a Forge for you to use in battle.
    4. Arcana: Visit the Arcane Repository to brew potions and craft related items.
    5. Cooking: Find a Kitchen or a Campfire and start cooking.
    6. Armorsmithing: At a Forge or Outfitting Station, craft some armor with the leather you’ve made at the Tannery.
    7. Jewelcrafting: Use the gems you made from your time at the Stone Cutting Table to make trinkets, amulets, and rings while at the Outfitting Station.


Building Trade Skills is by far one of the more time consuming aspects to New World, and if gathering, refining, and crafting really aren’t your thing, using a New World carry service like can take the time and hassle out of chopping wood, refining materials, and waiting for potions to brew.


So there you have it. These are the tried and true ways to level up quickly and more effectively, so that you can unlock and experience all of the epic perks the Amazon MMO New World has to offer. Whether you want to go the traditional route of spending hours battling, questing, and gathering resources, or the expedited method of using a New World boost to access expeditions, invasions, and other awesome gameplay experiences rapidly, New World has a world full of awesome adventure waiting for you to jump in and dominate.


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