Star Trek Online Reveals Halloween Event

This looks like a fun events for fans of the game to get into the Halloween spirit.

Starting today, Star Trek Online players can join the game’s first-ever Halloween event, The Fall of the Old Ones, on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Like the “First Contact Day” event, this new three-week celebration begins with a single event and will be expanded over time. Captains will beam down to an ancient castle on Pyris VII, where they will encounter the Old Ones, the same iconic aliens introduced in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Catspaw.” These extragalactic beings have traveled to the Milky Way to study humanity, but their plans have been disrupted by the ghost-like Devidians. This new Task Force Operation brings your Captain into the same maw of terror first faced by Captain Kirk, Mr. Scott, and Dr McCoy.

Captains who are brave enough to navigate the darkness and fear that plagues The Fall of the Old Ones will unlock a Old One Vanity Pet and a Transmuter Wand Universal Kit Module, which transmutes its targets into a sentient black cat who disables the shields and powers of its allies. To obtain these in-game items, Captains will need to earn one daily progress per account, per day, for two weeks, by playing the brand new Task Force Operation, “Cat’s Tale.”

To learn more about The Fall of the Old Ones, visit Star Trek Online’s latest blog.

Star Trek Online is excited to share that with the help of its community, the game has raised over $75,000 for The Boys of Girls Clubs of America. On September 14, Perfect World Level Up and Cryptic Studios partnered with on an online fundraiser, where 100% of the net proceeds from select in-game items were donated to the non-profit organization. Thanks to the generous support of STO players, more than $75,000 will be donated to BGCA to support its mission of enabling all young people, especially those who need support most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.