The Addam’s Family 2

The sequel to 2019’s The Addam’s Family, The Addam’s Family 2, brings us back to catch up
with the creepy and kooky family. Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz),knows that she is the
smartest kid in school. We see her present her project for the science fair. Her parents, Gomez
(Oscar Issacs) and Morticia (Charleze Theron) had been forbidden to attend. Despite
Wednesday’s strict instructions, they go to see her to give support to their child like any parent

At the awards presentation, Wednesday meets Cyrus Strange(Bill Hader), the billionaire tech
giant. Mr.Strange watched as she transmogrified Uncle Fester(Nick Kroll) with Sophocles, her
pet Octopus. Upon seeing what was done, Cyrus knows that he needs her formula to complete
his work. Wednesday declines, stating that it is an old family secret.

Gomez, wanting his daughter to know how proud they are of her, fawns over Wednesday. This
outpouring of affection causes her to wonder if she is truly related to the family. To prove that
they need more family bonding, Gomez decides that the Addams Family is going on a vacation
across the country!

Along the journey, they experience the standard Addams shenanigans while Grandma(Bette
Midler) is making money running the hottest EDM festival on the east coast. Cousin It(Snoop
Dogg) shows up to share some of his chill wisdom and Pugsley (Javon “Wanna” Walton) blows
up the sites as they cross the country.

There is plenty of comedy for the kids, but there are also laughs throughout for adults as well. It
is a fun movie, the characters are true to the creation of the family created by Charles Addams.
I am a fan of his work and the film was funny, clever and entertaining.

4 out of 5 stars