Five Common Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

What you do after an accident determines whether you will get the settlement you deserve. The accident scene is always chaotic and may leave you in shock resulting in some avoidable mistakes. Insurance companies benefit from the innocent mistakes you make after an accident.

A competent car accident lawyer ensures you do not lose the money you deserve from your car accident settlement. There are some common mistakes you might make after the accident that may greatly impact the outcome of your case. A car accident attorney in Lakeland, Florida, can list the errors you should avoid after an accident:

It is vital that you know your rights and explore all of your legal options in order to protect yourself.

1. Leaving the Scene of the Accident

The scene of the accident may be unappealing to you, prompting you to leave. However horrifying the accident scene may be, do not leave before exchanging information with the other parties and waiting for law enforcement to arrive. Investigators will conclude that you are the liable party just because you left the scene.


If you have to contact your lawyer, do so while at the scene of the accident. First responders arrive at the location of the accident to give the necessary first aid to the injured parties. Although it may make you uncomfortable, it can determine the outcome.

2. Failing to Contact Law Enforcement Agencies

Police officers have the ability to document the accident and make any reports. The police at the accident scene may also assess any personal injuries and call for medical help. Police officers collect evidence that other parties are unable to duplicate.


The crash report that police officers prepare after an accident contains critical information that acts as a starting point to launch your claims. Their input at the accident scene will offer invaluable insights into the claims you deserve.

3. Admitting You Are at Fault

If responsible, it is human that you feel guilty for causing the accident. Immediately apologizing after the incident is a short-term resolution that gives the other party leverage over you. Admitting you are at fault means that you take financial responsibility for the case through your insurance company.


Before talking, cool down and gather your thoughts. Better still, allow your lawyer to do the talking on your behalf.

4. Communicating with the Insurance Before Talking to Your Attorney

Car accident cases involve constant communication with the insurance companies. The trauma you experience after the accident may drive you to make implicating statements. Insurance companies will take advantage of the situation by communicating with you.


Remember, for every dollar you lose in the insurance settlement, the insurance company counts it as a profit. To be sure of what you say, delegate the responsibility of communications with the insurance company to your lawyer. Your lawyer is level-headed and has the legal knowledge to make formal communication that results in positive outcomes.

5. Failing to Gather Evidence

Firsthand evidence from the accident scene provides credible information that can prove liability. Although police and medical teams collect evidence, their reports represent only one side of the story, which may not be helpful to your case. Take photos and witness statements to help your injury lawyer prepare your defense instead of relying on evidence from a third party.

Avoid These Mistakes at All Costs

Accidents are unfortunate incidents that may result in physical, mental, and emotional trauma. Getting the settlement you deserve after the accident significantly helps in paying for the post-accident expenses. However, a reasonable settlement offer is only possible if you avoid the above mistakes before the negotiations start.


Avoid these mistakes to receive the settlement that your car accident case deserves.