World of Warcraft Classic Reveals Season of Mastery

This looks like a great update.
World of Warcraft Classic players will get to start fresh with a new character, starting from level one, when the Season of Mastery realms go live globally on November 16!
Similar to WoW Classic’s launch, players will be able to log onto the servers ahead of when they’re going live to create characters starting November 11. This will enable players to reserve their character name and have them ready to go once the servers are up.
At launch, Season of Mastery realms will resemble WoW Classic on day one, but the update phases will be accelerated, so players can expect their favorite dungeons, raids, and features to enter the game more quickly Players will also be able to re-experience much of this content with more challenging tuning and other quality-of-life changes.
For a full rundown of what to expect with the Season of Mastery, check out the World of Warcraft blog.