We Talk With Charles Band About His New Biography, Full, Moon, And His Career

Recently I spoke with Charles Band about his new Biography which covers his extensive career in films.

How did the idea for a Biography come about?
I’ve had a crazy life. Well, I suppose most humans have. But mine has been particularly crazy, seeing as it’s set against such a unique cinematic world. I felt the time was right to tell my story, or at least my story so far. Because in many ways, I feel like I’m just getting started!
Looking back on your early films; what would you do differently now if you had the chance to?
Oh man. Lots of things. And yet…nothing. I believe everything we do is necessary to get where we’re going, and so it is with my movies. I’ve made some great films, some not so great films. Had some huge successes, some colossal failures. At the end of the day, they’re all just chapters in my story. Also, dwelling on mistakes of the past isn’t something I’m particularly interested in doing.
Do you ever regret not having CGI technology back in the day with your classic films?
In some ways. But I mean, since no one had CGI during those days, the films definitely fit in with their respective eras. Anyway, can you imagine RE-ANIMATOR or FROM BEYOND with CGI instead of all those incredible, juicy practical effects? I can’t! They wouldn’t be the same films! I had Stan Winston working on PARASITE. And of course the late, great David Allen doing all those incredible stop-motion effects in DOLLS, PUPPET MASTER and dozens more. The artists we had making all these effects were just that, artists. CGI is the state of things now, so we do employ it now when needed. And it sure makes for less stress on set with set-ups and retakes. But nothing beats practical!
In regards to the Full Moon videos from the 80s and 90s; Are there any plans to continue some of the classic series in the next few years?
Sure! We have another PUPPET MASTER movie planned called DOKTOR DEATH! We have a new spinoff of the FROM BEYOND and RE-ANIMATOR worlds called MISKATONIC U. A new SUBSPECIES sequel is in the works. If the fans want more, we’ll keep giving them more!
Why do you think Full Moon has endured in such a volatile and constantly changing industry?
I’m always thinking one step ahead, trying to figure out how I can stay relevant in the changing marketplace. Whether it be switching from VHS to DVD, from video store to sell through. From Blu-ray to streaming. And of course, merchandising. The monsters and worlds we’ve created are now iconic. PUPPET MASTER is right up there with Freddy and Jason and Frankenstein and Dracula and I own most of my films. So I can keep reinventing them for new generations!
You were groundbreaking with the additional content on video before the age of DVDs, will fans see a return of the fan club and video zone in future releases?
Well, we totally did bring back Videozone on our Full Moon Features channel (you can subscribe today and get free stuff by visiting FullMoonFeatures.com or downloading the app from any device or smart TV), both featuring classic Videozone featurettes and brand new ones from our new films. So yes, everything old is new again!
Do you have any regrets about any films or your career?
Sure. But as I said, the present and the future is so exciting, why dwell on the past? Failing helps you correct your path.
Where do you find your inspiration now and how has it changed since you first started?
I’m an avid collector of weird pop art, comic book art and still an avid movie watcher. I closely follow changing trends and the players, like Jason Blum and others, who are helping define this modern era. And I’m a music guy, I’m still all about music so that gives me endless inspiration. So not much has changed as far as what I’m about or what my interests and inspirations are.
What would you say are the biggest changes in the industry now compared to when you started?
Well now everyone can make a movie! And that’s awesome! But…now ANYONE can make a movie and so there is SO MUCH CONTENT! It’s crazy! Streaming and digital technology has opened up a seemingly bottomless pit of content and creators.So the competition is fierce and monetizing these platforms is perpetually a challenge! Back in my video store heyday we were making dough hand over fist per VHS tape sold. Now, what’s the value of an independent movie anymore? I’m still trying to figure that out!
If you had to live inside one of your films for a week; which one would it be?
HEAD OF THE FAMILY. Those Stackpool’s are my kinda people!
The books is released on Nov. 16th