A Filthy Lot Entertainment Inc Is Ready To Roll For Their D&D Watch Party

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(Vancouver, BC) – A Filthy Lot Entertainment Inc (AFL) is “Ready to Roll”
with their in-house team playing Dungeons and Dragons. The watch party
will begin the festivities on National D&D Day, Nov 5th, at 3:30pm (PST)
on Twitch! (www.twitch.tv/afilthylot) There will be 27 hour long episodes of
this campaign being released this year and next on a bi-weekly basis on
AFL’s YouTube channel @AFilthyQuestline.

This game is set in the high-fantasy world of Altero created by this studio’s
Production Manager / Dungeon Master Roz Youngand her partner Matt
Baker (editor). Some moments have been teased with trailers on the AFL’s
role-playing game’s YouTube channel and now they can be seen in full with
this world premiere. Their adventures are wrought with many internal and
external dangers. What these two co-creators developed over eight years
has hints of other species existing in this world, and players can choose to
be one of them as a player character. That is, players can play mice
instead of men, or shape-changing foxes too.

Among the cast are: El’Undar the Silent (Alain Williams), a Wood Elf Monk
from Telgha’s dense forest, The Lightless Vale. He’s on a quest for the
missing spear of their greatest warrior. Arrin Sareth (Bev Rapley) is a
Half-elf Paladin, serving Edan Alastra, the Goddess of Justice. After a great
betrayal left Arrin alone, at the bottom of a bottle, she wants redemption.
Ahloni (Chris Livingston) is a Half-orc ranger who was once on the run. His
past can’t escape him, and we may see what that is as later episodes are

Senno Vestuu-Essan (Matt Baker) is a scholar and much renowned
archaeologist. But after finding a medallion of an Elder God, is his fate
cursed? Sanguina (Shay Lea) is one who must satisfy a blood-lust. Being
half-vampire doesn’t help; Rurik Krynn (Trevor Gemma) never knew his
true ancestry–he’s a Hill Dwarf–and longs to know his heritage after leaving
the clergy who brought him in. That is, he was raised by elves. But
Torvaralla, a Goddess of War, calls to him as though a future conflict will
separate the races for all time.

While the early shows will focus primarily on the players at the table, later
releases will include vignettes of them as their characters in moments
where they have to deal with certain challenges or attempt to high-kick a
giant’s knee. The monks in this world know martial arts. These recreations
are on par with many of Vancouver, BC’s other known genre favourites. It’s
bringing the talents who once worked on shows like Battlestar Galactica
and The Flash to the streaming world of YouTube.

AFL’s COO Ryan Whyte said: “As a team of gamers, storytellers and
creatives, we wanted to create a show based on our love of gaming, and
felt that tabletop roleplaying offered the best opportunity to showcase both
our technical abilities, and demonstrate the value we place on community.
Tabletop gaming is inherently social, largely story-driven and has always
had a hugely passionate community behind it, so we felt it was the perfect
fit for our brand and our values.”

“We’ve spent almost two years making this show,” says AFL CEO Chris
Livingston “Honestly, the main reason we’re so excited to release it, is there
have been so many talented, hard-working people who have poured so
much creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears into it, we just want to share
the fruits of all their hard work with the world.”