World War Z: Aftermath Offers More Of What Fans Liked About The First Game

World War Z: Aftermath has arrived and offers gamers more of the intense action that made the film and game that preceded it successes.

While the origins of the series are based on a book; many players will likely be more familiar with the movie which tells the story of a world overrun with infected individuals which force the remaining humans to face massive odds to survive.

At first, I thought that Aftermath was a sequel as the core game had been updated on a regular basis to incorporate Cross-Play as well as new content.

Instead, it is easier to think of Aftermath as an ultimate edition with new content as it contains six new missions around two new chapters; one in Japan and one in Rome. The game also offers a host of other new weapons and cosmetic options and I can tell you the Flame Thrower is a very nice touch that while designed to melt the ice around frozen doors in the game; does wonders for lighting up the masses of infected that players will face.

Players play in teams of four and will have melee, explosive, stationary, and ranged weapons to take on the hordes and the highly-detailed levels and intense action are as appealing as ever. The new content offers some fantastic new locales as well as plenty of great graphics and action for players to enjoy

While the new additions are great; I did wonder why this was not a DLC as previous updates had been released free of charge and while Aftermath offers a significant amount of new content; it would have been a bit easier to make it a paid update to the core game vs a new install as at first it was a bit confusing upon install as I was presented all the missions that I had already completed and it took a moment to see the new missions that were in place.

The game does have a very attractive price of $39.99 which makes it ideal for those who have yet to play the game but again; seeing how the core game had been made available free of charge on various platforms prior; a paid update seemed to be a better option to me.

4 stars out of 5