Season Of Mastery Realms Is Live For WOW

Looks like a solid update for fans to enjoy.

World of Warcraft Classic players can now start a fresh new adventure—the Season of Mastery realms are now live!
These special realms reset WoW Classic to the beginning and introduce some changes to meet a faster release cadence of planned content updates and aid players with some cool new challenges.
These changes include:
  • Faster Phase Unlocking: All six planned content phases will be condensed to a one-year timespan, with new phases unlocking every couple of months.
  • Faster Leveling: To accommodate the quicker cadence of content releases, experience gains—specifically those awarded for quest completion—are increased.
  • Soul of Iron: Players who want to show off their mastery can head to Ironforge or Undercity to opt-in to the Soul of Iron challenge. They get a visible buff icon that proves they’ve yet to die, which is updated whenever they complete major content.
  • Raid Boss Tuning: Bosses will be tuned slightly harder to match the increases in player power from the 1.12 patch tuning.
  • Quality of Life Changes: Players can look forward to additional changes to raid encounters (such as disabling world buffs in raids), raid boss debuff changes, more numerous profession gathering nodes, and more.
For a full rundown of planned content that will be coming to these realms, please see the World of Warcraft blog.