Hawkeye Is The Best Marvel Live-Action Series To Date For Disney+

The latest live-action series from Marvel on Disney+ has arrived with Hawkeye and it gives audiences a winning mix of action, humor, and character development based on the first two episodes that were made available prior to airing on November 22nd.

Set after the events of “Avengers: Infinity War” the series catches up with Clark Barton (Jeremy Renner), or as he is known by many Hawkeye. Unlike The Falcon in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier; Clark has been spending his time with his wife and children and as the series opens, he takes his kids to New York to see an Avengers-themed musical and do some pre-Christmas activities before he returns home to his wife.

Things do not go as planned when a young girl named Kate (Hailee Steinfield); draws the wrong kind of attention from the wrong type of people and ends up with Clark who is eager to correct a mess he did not create and get back to his family.

Naturally, there is a much bigger story unfolding and what audiences have seen so far is just the tip of a much larger story. What made this such a winning debut for me was getting to see a larger part of Clark’s world outside the Avengers but getting enough action, humor, and references that will keep fans happy and expands upon the Marvel universe.

The live-action series have often seemed to take their time establishing the characters and premise and while it is clear that there is still plenty to come; this series hits the ground running and engages the audience from the beginning.

It will be interesting to see how the character of Kate develops and what twists and turns are ahead, but Hawkeye is a winner and one that Marvel fans should love.