Steel Assault: A Must if You’re A Side-Scrolling Game Fan

Steel Assault: A Must if You’re A Side-Scrolling Game Fan

If you are a fan of old school games, then you are sure to love the new release, Steel Assault. This simple yet addictive 2D side scroller takes place in post-apocalyptic America and challenges players to investigate and overthrow the dictator who has taken over the abandoned cities.


If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then this guide is for you as we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the game, from the plot to where you can play it. So be sure to read on if you love side-scrolling games!

What is a Side Scroller?

First things first, what is a side scroller exactly? A side-scrolling video game is a game in which players watch from the side, with the character usually in the middle of the screen. Most side scrollers are 2D, with characters moving through a level from left to right.


Despite the name, many such games also allow characters to move up and down too. Some will only allow characters to advance forwards, but in others, it is possible to move back towards the start, too. These games initially became popular in the 1980s, but many gamers still enjoy them today!

Steel Assault Storyline



So, what is Steel Assault all about? The game is set in the future, during the 2040s. It takes place in America, but the biggest cities have been abandoned and have become overgrown. People left the cities as a result of radiation from attacks a few years prior to when the game takes place.


The main antagonist in the game is Magnus Pierce, an inventor and army general who rose to power and purged the country of anyone suspected to be an enemy.


On the other hand, we have the protagonist Taro Takahashi. This character is a member of the resistance group looking to investigate Magnus Pierce. It is found that he and his army have been gathering old technology to restore the power supply to the cities they have taken over.

Steel Assault Gameplay



We’ve already established that Steel Assault is a side scroller, but what else? Well, it’s a 16-bit, 2D retro-style game, but it is full of action! Like many platformers and side scrollers, Steel Assault allows players to control their character using moves like jumps and double jumps; however, they can also slide and use their weapon, an electric whip!


There’s also an exciting way to get between different platforms in any direction, and that’s by using a zipline! While there’s the electric whip as the main weapon, players can also punch the enemy when they are close enough, to give their character more energy to use their weapon.


The game is single-player, but there are a few different modes and options. There are four difficulty levels to choose from before you start the game, from very easy to expert. Easier settings give players more health – the very easy level gives double the health compared to normal mode. In addition, enemies are stronger in the harder modes, meaning it will take more strikes to kill them.

How was Steel Assault Developed?

The game was initially announced on Kickstarter back in 2015 and soon attracted attention from developers who had previously worked on games for Nintendo’s previous handheld devices. It was scheduled for release the following year, in November 2016, but suffered from some major setbacks, which delayed the process significantly.


After being redesigned, the game was eventually ready in 2021. It was launched with a demo at the Steam Game Festival near the start of the year, which was available for download from Steam for a very limited period. It was then released fully in September 2021.


What Platforms is Steel Assault Available On?


At the moment, the game is available on just a few platforms. You can get it on Steam for your PC or on Nintendo Switch. It’s available on Windows, macOS, SteamOS, and Linux, so no matter which type of PC you have, you should be able to enjoy this game.


However, there are a few system requirements. You’ll need a 64-bit processor and operating system, as well as at least 2GB RAM. The other minimum system requirements are similarly low – you’ll only need 300 MB of available storage space to download and enjoy this game. The minimum processor you’ll need is the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, so most modern PCs should be more than capable of running Steel Assault successfully.


Other Popular Side Scrollers

Side scrollers have been around for decades, and they are still as popular today as they were when they first started appearing on our screens. Here are some other modern side-scrolling games that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.



This is a reasonably easy platformer, so it’s great for those who are new to the genre. The controls are simple, it won’t take long to complete, and it’s available on a range of platforms. Players will love the environment of this game, and the storyline is also intriguing.

Yoshi’s Wooly World

Fans of classic Mario games are sure to enjoy Yoshi’s Wooly World. In this game, players have to rescue Yoshis, who have been turned into balls of wool, playing as Yoshi instead of Mario for a change. The bright colors and cute wooly design are sure to appeal to young and old alike.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong is another classic character in side-scrolling games, and this newer installment won’t disappoint. Each level has a different theme to keep things interesting and the game is fast-paced, with many hidden elements to discover. Many players also love the soundtrack for this game, so if you love comparing video game soundtracks, this is certainly one to check out. The graphics are also great which is sure to appeal to both the young and the young-at-heart.