Dota 2, The World’s Biggest Esports Game

If you are a true esports fan, you probably have a few games in mind that may fit in the category of the “biggest” esports in the world. Dota 2 is certainly one of the games that make the cut. According to, Dota 2 is one of the biggest titles when it comes to esports betting handle.

This is an opinion that is largely shared by most operators out there and it’s the truth. So, what can we do to establish which the biggest esports titles of all time are? Dota certainly seems to be a contender. The game is actually the only esports that offers the prize pool it does.

The International is an event that featured $40 million for its last edition, instantly turning an entire team (the winners from Team Spirit) into multi-millionaires each. The game’s potential as an esports is evidence by several things.

The greatness and depth of the experience and the solid financial backing by third-party sponsors who are keen to get their brands showcased to audiences from all over the world. In terms of reach, purpose, and longevity, Dota 2 is without any doubt the longest esports title.

It has coined the MOBA genre, that is played on a massive online battle arena, and it has helped establish some of the basics of the experience. Dota 2 today is the father of League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and even SMITE, even though many people would say that this is not true.

Each of the above is truly something special and original, but Dota was there first. How big of an esports title it is definitely remains a question that we need to discuss а little longer. It’s not just the price money, or the backing that Dota 2 enjoys as an esports. It’s the fans.

Big crowds come out to watch Dota 2 played live as often as they can. LAN and online tournaments are always clocking thousands of views on average, with the very finals peaking at impressive viewership that breaks records.

Dota 2 is for these reasons the biggest esports the world has. Naturally, there are others, but Dota 2 is designed to be a hardcore, competitive, cut-throat game that will ask its players (at least those who play at the highest level) to do their absolute best to succeed.