Propnight Offers A Nice Twist But Plays Much Like A Dead by Daylight Clone

Survival Horror has become a very popular gaming genre and games like Dead by Daylight have attracted millions of fans thanks to regular updates.

Whenever a game is a success it is not uncommon for similar games to arrive and such is the case with Propnight. Like Dead by Daylight, players can choose to be either a killer or one of four players who must evade the killer, fix machines, save others, and escape.

The Killer must hunt down players and carry them to various locations where their health will drain until they are dead or rescued by other players.

Players do not have weapons but can defend themselves with things like a camera flash or a door which can temporarily blind or stun the enemy and allow them to venture onward to fix machines, save players, and make their way to the exit when they become available.

Unlike Dead by Daylight Propnight has an interesting twist as players can turn themselves into various objects which allows them to hide. Turning into a tire, a Teddy Bear, or other object is a nice way to hide but the smaller the object that is emulated; the lower the available hit points. Seeing a player become a barrel or Tumbleweed as well makes for some interesting gameplay scenarios.

Players will also have various locales ranging from a camp, school, and farm and there are various killers players can select to play as or let fate decide if they will be hunter or prey.

In the end, Propnight gives a nice twist to the genre but may not offer enough new variation to truly stand out.

3.5 stars out of 5