The Matrix Resurrections Moves The Series Forward

This fourth film in the Matrix series, truly establishes that reality, as well as time, is a construct.
Set in about sixty years-ish since the initial film ( released in 1999). Lana Wachowski is at the
helm as director. Lilly had stepped down from credits, unlike the previous trilogy. So, in our
timeline, Resurrections is 22 years later and is a love story.

We are in the future where Thomas A. Anderson (Neo, Keanu Reeves) has grown from a
hacker to a famous game designer/company partner of Deus Ex Machina. The game is a direct
reflection of the initial trilogy. The film is jam-packed with action, lots of guns, martial arts,
parkour, gymnastics, aerialism, a lot of stunt work, and car chases. Pretty much what 1-3, but

Tom, had a breakdown and has been medicated daily with his shiny new blue chrome pill. He
has an Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) that is there to monitor his mental stability. Thomas pretty
much does the same thing daily: wake, work, eat, workout, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat. There is
a crack where he feels like a break is coming and he knows things are not right.

The Analyst works with him in sessions to ensure that he is stable and functioning. Smith
(Jonathan Groff) is his partner and CEO of the company, who is Tom’s best friend. As the
audience, I wondered who is really there for Tom while we see the breaks through the Matrix
with scenes from “Matrix, the game”. That dimension breaks into the others as Neo returns to
learn of the developments since last in the real world. We meet Bugs,(Jessica Henshaw) who
was “saved” by Tom/Neo in the Matrix and reintroduced to Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II),
Sati, (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) is now grown and Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith).

There are familiar characters that have become new ones as an amalgam, melded by the
“game”. It takes a moment to understand what is going on with some characters and old
characters that have become much different, but the same, yet transformed noticeably. Some
are recognizable and others elicit the thought of familiarity. I’ve seen them in the other movies?
There are even places within Tom reality that are reminders of key scenes in Matrix I. I would
watch it again to catch things because there is so much movement, action, quick cuts that one
could blink and miss.

Earlier, I had stated that this is a love story. Amongst the drama, fighting and running. It is the
most heartfelt of the four films regarding the relationship between Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) and
Neo. Both actors show that Trin and Neo are twin souls reunited.It is a good sequel. The story
takes a multidimensional trip that also gives us Keanu’s lowkey, deadpan humor. Definitely
recommend a viewing.

3.5 /5 Stars