Five Errors That Ruin Workers Comp Claims

Do you remember when you first got employed? Chances are high that you do. You probably went through a training program to prepare you for the duties and responsibilities pertaining to your new role, right? Now imagine your boss not informing you of what to anticipate or do if you got injured on the job. In that case, it would be up to you to take control of your health and safety by filing a workers compensation claim.

Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Workers Comp Claim

First and foremost, keep in mind that, while you may have been hurt, you cannot bring a personal injury claim since it differs from a workers compensation claim. Furthemore, the procedure of applying for workers compensation can be complicated.


In addition, it can be challenging to know what you should or should not do. Especially when insurance providers, adjusters, auditors, and their attorneys come poking around examining the specifics of your workplace accident. This article shall discuss the five most common blunders injured employees make that can severely reduce or even prevent them from receiving workers compensation benefits.

1. Failing to Report the Accident

The most crucial step in a workers’ compensation claim is informing your employer of your injuries. You should ensure that you follow your employer’s stated procedures for reporting and reacting to worksite accidents to the letter. If no policy exists, make sure your boss, HR personnel, coworkers, and corporate healthcare providers are all aware of your injury.


However, keep in mind that this is not the same as submitting a workers compensation claim. You literally have to file one to be eligible for workers comp benefits in the first place. Strive to lodge your claim within the statute of limitations to avoid losing your right to workers’ compensation benefits, which include medical and wage loss benefits.

2. Failing to Choose Your Own Physician

Your employer has the legal right to select the treating physician who will first assess your injuries. However, many wounded workers are simply unaware that they are not obligated to see the same doctor after their first visit.


In fact, your company should offer you a list of pre-approved doctors who specialize in work-related injuries, referred to as an MPN, which you are entitled to choose from.

3. Failing to Make a Full and Accurate Report to Physicians

Medical records and other accident reports will be used to determine workers compensation payments for a workplace injury. In the event of a disagreement, the medical professional will be viewed as a neutral party. This will see their findings carrying more weight in the process.


As a result, ensure that your physician is aware of all that has happened to you from the get-go.

4. Failing to Follow Doctor’s Orders

The goal of the workers compensation program is to assist injured employees in getting back on their feet as soon as possible. Following a doctor’s instructions for medical treatment and rehabilitation, and keeping appointments is critical for an injured employee who is out of work and collecting weekly benefits. Failure to comply may put future benefit payments at risk.

5. Failing to Hire a Lawyer or Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

After a workplace accident, you are immediately thrust into an antagonistic judicial system. Additionally, the insurance provider’s adjusters and lawyers will definitely work against you in a desperate bid to reduce your payout. As a result, if you delay seeking legal assistance, you might end up having difficulty locating witnesses and evidence, and you may drown in legal jargon.


At this point, you shouldn’t even entertain the thought of representing yourself! Even the most seasoned attorneys can err, so how do you think you’ll fair? Therefore, you should choose your lawyer carefully, because the best one will work tirelessly to get you fair compensation.

Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

The workers compensation system is full of traps that can quickly sabotage your claim and deny you benefits. A workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to assist you in filing the necessary paperwork on time and help you make the best decisions.