Lauren Cohen Images From Catwoman Hunted

Looking forward to seeing this one and Lauren really adds a new level to it.

Lauren Cohen, star of *The Walking Dead* and voice of Interpol agent Julia
Pennyworth in *Catwoman: Hunted*, gets the spotlight today in new images
from the film – and a still photo of Ms. Cohan recording her lines in the
booth. And … today is Ms. Cohan’s birthday!
*Catwoman: Hunted*, a feature-length, anime-style film produced by Warner
Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, arrives on 4K
Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray and Digital on February 8, 2022.
Attached are the new images, and here are suggested descriptions:

Cat - Lauren Cohan-1

Lauren Cohen (*The Walking Dead*) gave it her all in the recording booth –
and had fun along the way – to give voice to Interpol agent Julia
Pennyworth for *Catwoman: Hunted*.

Cat - Julia Pennyworth-1

Interpol agent Julia Pennyworth gives Black Mask more than he was
anticipating in this key moment from *Catwoman: Hunted*. Lauren Cohen (*The
Walking Dead*) and Jonathan Banks (*Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul*)
provide the voices of Julie Pennyworth and Black Mask, respectively.

Cat - Pennyworth-Faraday-1

Catwoman finds herself caught between the villainous collective Leviathan,
the watchful eye of Batwoman and the long arm of Interpol – represented by
agents Julia Pennyworth and King Faraday – in *Catwoman: Hunted*. Lauren
Cohan (*The Walking Dead*) and Jonathan Frakes (*Star Trek: The Next
Generation*) give voice to Pennyworth and Faraday, respectively.
*CATWOMAN: HUNTED * © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. CATWOMAN and all
related characters and elements TM & © DC.
Lauren Cohan Photo Credit: Gary Miereanu