Difference between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, then some terms belonging to cryptocurrency can be quite confusing. It can be very tough for you to understand and adopt them. You need to gain complete knowledge about them. Around so many difficult terms, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the two most confusing terms for many people. To understand these two, having good knowledge about them is very important. They have become some of the most common terms used every day, but they are also very confusing in the digital currency world. These two share many similar ingredients, but at the same time, they also have some technical differences. For more info about Bitcoin and trading, check for more details here.


So, let us have a look at the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in this blog:


What is Bitcoin?


Most of you know about Bitcoin (BTC) and it is a cryptocurrency and it was first created in the year 2009. A group of people or an individual with the name Satoshi Nakamoto have created this cryptocurrency, They were produced during the mining process and you can trade them for goods, other currencies, and services. The value of these coins keeps fluctuating in the real world. People have mixed views about Bitcoin and its value in the future.


What is Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin Cash or other called BTH was created in the year 2017. It was created as a cryptocurrency, but can also be used as a payment network. It had a hard fork with Bitcoin and that was one of the main reasons why Bitcoin cash was created. Bitcoin cash will make the transactions faster. It was created by the miners of Bitcoin as the developers were worried about the cryptocurrency’s future. It comes with its specifications and blockchain. There are many similarities between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but with one main difference. The block size of Bitcoin cash is larger than the Bitcoin. It will be able to validate several transactions in a short time. Along with that, it will also be able to store more transactions per block.


Differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash?


Let us have a close look at the differences between these two:


Its value:


One of the main and significant differences that you will be able to notice between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is their value. The value of Bitcoin is higher when compared to Bitcoin cash. But it is for profits that you invest and as long as the price of the cryptocurrency increases, you should not be worried about its value of it.


Block Size:


Another difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is the block size. The maximum block size of Bitcoin is just 1 MB, while the maximum size of Bitcoin cash is 32 MB. That means Bitcoin cash is 32 times higher than the block size of Bitcoin. There are numerous benefits of having a higher block size.


Transaction Fee:


When you are making any kind of transaction with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, you will have to pay a certain transaction fee. If you compare the transaction fee, the fee is higher for Bitcoin compared to Bitcoin cash. That means you will have to spend more on Bitcoin transactions.


Transaction Speed:


The transaction speed of Bitcoin is low when compared to Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin cash is higher and that is one of the main reasons why the size of the block is higher for Bitcoin cash. This is one of the best things that you will be able to enjoy with increased block size.


Scaling Tool:


Bitcoin uses a scaling tool called SegWit2X during its transactions. But if you look at the same thing in Bitcoin cash, it does not make use of any scaling tool. The reason why it does not need a scaling tool is its bigger block size.


So, these were some of the most common and important differences that one needs to know about Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Compared to Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin is very popular in the financial market. But when it comes to the value of both in the future, it is something that cannot never of predicted exactly. Bitcoin may become one of the widely accepted Cryptocurrency in the coming years. Just keep checking the latest updates for more information about Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.