7 Exciting Console Games That Can Be Played On A PC

Some believe the PC is the “master” of video game platforms, owing to its ability to produce high-quality visuals, among other factors.


The PC offers improved game customization, substantial backward compatibility, and a wide range of controller alternatives.


Even all the games that you download from the Pirate Bay can be played on a PC.


We could go on for days about why the PC is the finest gaming platform. However, each person has a different reason for preferring a platform and is entitled to their viewpoint.


This is why, in this article, we will talk about the most exciting console games that you can play on a PC.

Top 7 Exciting Console Games That You Can Play On A PC

Some games perform better on a console, but there will always be a case to be made for why games perform better on a PC. This list may persuade you to change your mind.


These are the top 7 console games that are far superior on PC.

1: Fortnite

Leading Fortnite broadcasters and esports players like FaZe Clan, Ninja, Nick Eh 30, and Myth- all play on PC.


The mouse and keyboard on a PC allow for accurate movement and targeting.


The flawless performance and slight lag of Fortnite on PC make it a no-brainer to select the platform.


Fortnite is a free, ever-changing multiplayer game where you and your friends compete to be the last one standing or cooperating to build your ideal Fortnite world.

2: Civilization VI

Since Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game rather than a real-time strategy game, it does not require the fast mouse movements that the former does.


Still, if you’re seeking modifications, the PC offers them, but consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One do not.


Using a mouse and keyboard to play this game feels more natural on the PC.


It sometimes depends on the individual. For example, some people choose consoles for their exact motions, while others prefer PCs for comfort, optimization, and portability.

3: Halo Wars

Since real-time strategy games are fast-paced, the swift motions of a mouse make the game far more suitable on a PC than a console.


Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is an RTS game that is available on both console and PC.


On Xbox One and Xbox One X, the graphical upgrades made for Halo Wars is stunning.


Still, the console lags since the PC may outperform the Xbox One and Xbox One X in terms of visuals. The change is essential since the PC significantly improves the gameplay of Halo Wars.

4: Diablo III

Diablo III, being a game that began on PC and was subsequently transferred to consoles, performs far better on PC.


Not only did Diablo III begin on PC, but so did the whole franchise. In addition, the game is particularly tuned for the PC, making it the only platform to play it on.


Third-person hack and slash games are frequently superior on PC.


A mouse is essential because of the quantity of clicking necessary for this sort of game. We only hope that Diablo IV will be cross-platform but anticipate PC to have the upper hand in PVP.

5: The Sims 4

The PC edition of The Sims 4 has community-sharing features that allow users to download files from other players.


Players can upload items such as Sim houses, rooms, and personalities.


These are examples of The Sims’ ingenuity at its best. The mansions available for download are beyond your wildest dreams.


This game runs more smoothly on a PC than it does on a console. A mouse and a keyboard are unrivaled. For the reasons stated above, The Sims 4 is deemed superior on PC than on the console.

6: Minecraft

The case for Minecraft on a console is similar to that of many other games. It supports split-screen multiplayer, making it suitable for couch gaming.


On the other hand, Minecraft for PC is more user-friendly for construction. In addition, the convenience of utilizing a keyboard and mouse is unparalleled.


Furthermore, the advent of modifications and free skin/texture packs elevates Minecraft on PC to a higher level.


Costly texture packs for the console limit the system’s capability. With a few minor tweaks, the console may be the superior platform—but for the time being, the PC is the clear winner for the time being.

7: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Having the greatest gaming gear provides you an advantage over opponents in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where every millisecond counts.


Because of its innumerable capabilities, the PC may be the superior pla