The Black Temple Raid Is Live For Burning Crusade Classic

Looks like more great content is coming for fans to enjoy.

Champions of the Horde and Alliance who have conquered the Overlords of Outland and completed their attunements can now take the fight to the Betrayer himself! The Black Temple raid is now live, and Illidan Stormrage awaits all comers!
This next phase of content for Burning Crusade Classic also includes the Battle for Mount Hyjal raid, where heroes will venture into the Caverns of Time to gain access to Hyjal Summit and experience firsthand the epic story of how the Horde and Alliance banded together to face the might of Archimonde and the Burning Legion.
In addition to the two raids, this latest patch for Burning Crusade Classic also brings:
    • PvP Arena Season 3 (which is already underway)
    • Ability to earn faction standing to get the much beloved Netherwing Drake
    • Balance tuning for previous raid tiers
    • And more!