PowerSlave Exhumed Reveals A New Trailer

This looks like one to keep an eye on.

  • Independent video game publisher and remaster studio Nightdive Studios — in partnership with Throwback Entertainment — is thrilled to announce today the launch of PowerSlave Exhumed, available now for Windows PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch. Remastered using Nightdive’s robust and proprietary KEX engine, this classic ‘90s shooter is the latest title in the studio’s growing catalog of top-quality remasters and its first to launch simultaneously on PC and consoles.

PowerSlave Exhumed™ takes the best elements of the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions of PowerSlave™ and adds a bevy of new features, upgrades, and updates that take full advantage of the power of modern gaming platforms. Players can now enjoy PowerSlave™ in glorious widescreen, with support for up to 4K resolution, SMAA anti-aliasing, and anisotropic texture filtering. Nightdive has also added several console-specific features, including Achievement / Trophy support on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Steam Achievements, and gamepad support on PC.

View the PowerSlave Exhumed™ launch trailer here:

[YouTube] https://uberstrategist.link/PowerSlave_Trailer_YT

There has been an extraterrestrial incursion in the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak, and an elite team of gritty professionals must investigate. Under the guidance of mighty Pharaoh Ramses’ spirit, PowerSlave™ players will use a deadly selection of modern and ancient weaponry — including M-60 machine guns and the powerful Eye of Rah Gauntlet — to cut through the Kilmaat hordes. During their epic journey players will explore ancient tombs and tackle mummies, fiery insectoids, Anubis zombies, and alien warriors in a quest to liberate Ramses, save the planet, and potentially ascend to godhood.

The original PowerSlave™ was released in North America, Europe, and Japan, for Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and MS-DOS from late 1996 to late 1997. Developed by Lobotomy Software, the title received critical acclaim, with Sega Saturn Magazine giving it a 92% rating and GamePro Magazine awarding a perfect 5/5. Nightdive Studios has poured every ounce of love and care into the remaster, adding yet another top-quality title to their ever-expanding catalog that includes the recently released SHADOW MAN: REMASTERED and upcoming System Shock remake.