DOG Charms And Mixes In Drama With Humor For A Winning Combination

One would think that this movie is about a dog. Yes, it is. The main character of the film is a
Belgian Malinois, Lulu, who served in the US Military as an Army Ranger. Channing Tatum is
just her co-star, and one of the co-directors of the film.

Tatum plays Briggs, a fellow army ranger that is trying to get a job as a military contractor. He
works as a sandwich maker while trying to obtain the requirements for his brass ring. In order for
that to happen, he needs his CO to provide a recommendation. Quid pro quo, the CO offers to
do that in exchange for the task of delivering his fellow ranger to the funeral of her handler.
Briggs takes on the job to get Lulu to Nogales, AZ.

The movie brings attention to what military dogs do in service for and with their fellow soldiers.
Lulu has been injured so severely that she has become difficult to manage. Briggs knows Lulu,
but learns that he is unable to bring her to heel, or pretty much anything at all. This road trip
shows how damaged Lulu, and her fellow service dogs can become from their military tours.
Their journey shows us the sacrifices that our soldiers make in service to our nation. We have
so many issues regarding our veterans that have to be addressed. This film truly highlights the
services our veterans need in addition to the insufficiencies that they face in getting those needs

There is a pivotal scene that points out the many faces of our veterans. Briggs finds his car
broken into and we see how the dogs are trained to search and locate. Lulu’s former military
trainer is played by Ethan Suplee (Remember the Titans). His character explains and enlightens
Briggs as they search for the stolen items.

With the dramatic elements being rather heavy, this story’s comedic moments are quite
hilarious. It is a well-balanced film that has a very real and deep subtext that underlines the
importance of taking care of our veterans and service members.

I highly recommend this film for its comedy, entertainment value, very important message,
Channing Tatum, and Lulu.


4 stars out of 5