“No Exit” Is An Entertaining Diversion That Hulu Viewers Should See

Darby (Havana Rose Liu) is a girl with many problems. Facing an extended stint in a rehabilitation center for substance abuse, Darby escapes and steals a car after hearing that her mother is ill. Despite pleas for her not to attend and that her presence would only make a bad situation worse, Darby races from California to Utah to see her mother.

As she gets closer to her destination she discovers that there is a severe storm coming in and she can either turn back or wait out the weather at a nearby rest area.

Such is the premise for “No Exit” which is arriving today on Hulu and will see Darby faced to wait out the storm with a group of strangers. Although a mixed bag, most seem harmless enough and even friendly but when Darby discovers a bound and gagged child in a vehicle out in the lot while trying to get reception on her phone; things go from bad to worse fast as one of the people she has to wait with is not what they appear to be and is a kidnapper.

The tension builds as Darby must try to save the girl while determining whom she can trust all the while trapped and alone as the storm continues to build.

While some may debate the Box Office prospects for the film in the current cinematic climate, the decision to launch the film on Hulu is an interesting choice as while I was able to determine who was behind the situation early, the film did do enough to hold my attention even if it is not anywhere near the quality of a similar themed film like “The Hateful Eight” where danger lurks amongst snowbound individuals.

In the end “No Exit” will be an entertaining diversion for most and ideal viewing for a night in.

3 stars out 5.