ESO and WoW: Which One Should You Choose as a First Time Player?


Both ESO and WoW have been getting debates for years about which one is better than the other. Both are massively multiplayer online role-playing games, and both have a massive fan following. No ESO fan would say World of Warcraft to be superior and Vice Versa.


However, this becomes a difficulty for the new players when they can’t make up their mind to join which of these two. Hence, we bring a helping guide to support those players and assist them in making a decision.

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Here we will explain the gameplay, the storyline, and other essential factors. So, let’s get started.


The Gameplay


Gameplay can be a significant attraction contributing to deciding between ESO and WoW. The gameplay should be strong enough that it keeps you on your toes. ESO offers a more realistic gameplay with graphics, UI, and voice acting.


The missions and battles are so engaging that they can outshine WoW, which provides a cartoonish approach compared to ESO. Players may also feel WoW’s storyline to be repetitive.




Those who emphasize the storyline would definitely go with WoW. The roots of Alliance and Horde and their birth story will surely keep the players connected to WoW. ESO, however, offers a typical good vs. evil kind of story that doesn’t excite us much when we see WoW. So, here WoW takes the crown.


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Solo Experience


Both games are specially made for enjoying the massive multiplayer mode, but there are players out there who want to experience it solo as well. Some players might not mingle well, or they just want to experience the world alone.


Both ESO and WoW provide their players the content to play solo. However, ESO might be the winner here. This is because, in ESO, a player can go solo without feeling the need to mingle up or team up with other players. In WoW, however, there would be many pushes that would make you team up to overcome certain game parts.



Their Communities


The world knows that the community of WoW is not very friendly. Here the players earn a reputation of being immature as they pity other players, especially the new ones. A player might not feel welcomed when he first joins the community. Survival needs to be employed in the game and in the community, which can be harsh at times.


This is the opposite of ESO; the community is friendly, and players are supportive of each other. It doesn’t mean that there are no friendly people in WoW; however, the chances are less than ESO.




At last, no game is better or worse, and it depends on your preferences. What one offers on your platter might not be true for the other. However, it depends on your requirements and the elements you prioritize.


If you want an MMO that offers a more realistic world with improved visuals and voice acting, then ESO is for you. However, if you want a well-developed game that has been building depth for years, then WoW is your answer.


Also, you don’t have to stick to one when you can try both. Try playing both ESO and WoW, and you will find that both are worth dwelling deeper in them. With time, you will know which one exactly is your preference.