Talking Cyclops Chronicles: The Story Of Scott Summers With Keith Sutliff

Recently I spoke with actor Keith Sutliff about his Cyclops project.

How did you get into acting and what was your big break?

I got into acting back in 2011 in Tampa Florida. I have always been interested in acting and filmmaking/directing so started taking acting classes then. After I started acting in Hollywood California in 2012 I went to a trade center for filmmaking and started making my own content. Once I opened my production company I started making my own feature films and acting as the lead in them. Things kind of took off from there.


What attracted you to the part?

The badass persona and character Scott Summers is. A true leader and alpha of the X-MEN. Who wouldn’t want to play the part of that?


How did the idea for the project arise?

A producing partner and I came up with the idea in the beginning of the pandemic. We thought it was a good idea because a Cyclops/Scott Summers origins story has never been done before by any studio or as a fan film. There also is a lot of popularity around X-MEN and Scott Summers. A few people I met told me playing that role would fit perfectly if I ever had the opportunity so we decided to make a fan episodic of it. Also to clarify this is a fan episodic free to watch for anyone and wanted to make it, especially for X-MEN/Cyclops fans. A treat for them and also for DeLorean and Back to the Future fans. The main car Scott Summers drives in the series is a DeLorean car.


Without giving too much away, do you have a favorite scene in the film?

Not so sure yet. I like a lot of stuff in there.



What sort of prep work did you do for the part?

Tons of reading of old Cyclops and X-MEN comic books. We wanted to make it as true to the comics as possible and to his character in the comics. But also put our own view on the character.


What was the most challenging part?

The prep work with making sure everything is accurate and the training/workout routine. I wanted to come in top shape and put on some muscle for the role but remain lean.


Did you have any issues with Marvel getting the project going?

No. They had no involvement. We made it as a fan episodic as mentioned for entertainment purposes as an unofficial series of Cyclops/Scott Summers. Free on YouTube and other streaming sites.


How would you say your take on the character compares/contrasts with the versions we have seen previously in film?

This character is much more tuff and really takes charge as the leader he is in the comic books and especially for the X-MEN. He’s more of a warrior in this and has been in many battles type of guy.


How would you describe the action and FX in the film?

We had some good SFX in the 1st episode. I don’t wanna spoil the rest. I hope people tune in.


Do you plan to attend conventions to help promote the film?

Absolutely! I want to attend Comic-Con with this actually and as many other conventions as possible.


What else do you have coming up?

I am currently doing a TV series for video on demand sites (TVOD and SVOD) called Suitcase City that will premiere summertime this year. Mainly on Amazon Prime and Vimeo along with other streaming sites.