Remastered Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure Gives An Updated Version Of Nostalgic Fun

Pinball fans who have embraced the transformation to console adaptations will be thrilled to learn that a remastered version of the Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure is available for Pinball FX 3. The program allows players to enjoy pinball at home and benefits from being able to incorporate all sorts of animations and atmospheric settings that are not possible with a traditional Pinball game.

For example, an animated Indiana Jones will swing across the table at key aspects and players will also be able to see Biplanes battle it out over the table.

For those missing some of the Arcade-based nostalgia the game even includes the mini-games that were common such as using your flippers to aim and shoot at selected targets before time runs out.

The game does have several things going on at the same time and the flashing lights and various effects can make tracking the ball difficult, especially when you are in a multi-ball setting and the action is really heating up.

There are also various modes of play so players looking for a challenge will be able to take on other players for high-score bragging rights.

The game does require Pinball FX 3 to be installed and as with many of the themed tables that are available for players, tables can be added as they are purchased or as players desire from their library to create a comprehensive Pinball library that would rival any arcade.

The game is accurate to the Arcade version even down to the pistol ball launcher but does allow players to play in an Enhanced mode that offers an array of digital effects which really bring the game to life.

With the classic theme music and a new Indiana Jones film in the works, this is a great bit of updated nostalgic fun that will provide plenty of action for fans who like Pinball.

Those who are not hardcore Pinball fans will likely see this at first as just a bit of nostalgia to play a few minutes now and then and as such, the game supports all types of players from casual to more hardcore.

4 stars out of 5.