X Marks The Spot In The New Erotic Thriller

The 2022 release of the film “X” by Ti West is…… interesting. Based on the preview I was prepared to really NOT like it, and, while I certainly cannot rank it among my favorite movies of all time, it held my interest enough to not hate it.

The movie centers around a group of young adults, and their middle-aged producer, trying to make a low-budget porn film, for customers to “watch in the privacy of their own homes”.

The director has high hopes that he can make an “art film like they do in Paris” and become famous, while the others really just want to be stars.

The group travels far outside city limits in order to find an out-of-the-way spot to film their risqué movie. The old farmhouse that the Producer Wayne (Martin Henderson) has found is inhabited by two very old folks, one of whom seems pretty off her rocker.

While Howard (Stephen Ure) seems to disapprove mightily of the group’s endeavor, his wife Pearl (I won’t say who this is! I was VERY SURPRISED when the credit rolled!) seems very envious and jealous.

She misses her long-gone youth, dancing ability, and beauty. This jealousy and unsatiated lust triggers Pearl to go on a calculated rampage, killing off the would-be filmmakers one by one.

A gristly discovery in the basement reveals that while Howard disapproves of the dirty movie making, he is not above helping his wife lure in and then torture unsuspecting travelers. The movie does lots of cut scenes to a televangelist preaching at the top of his lungs to his congregation, and Maxine (Mia Goth) frequently repeats a phrase akin to “I will not settle for a life less than I deserve”, and there is a reveal at the end that ties it all together.

Apparently, a prequel to “X” was filmed simultaneously and will be released at a later date. “X” intrigued me enough to want to see the prequel “Pearl”, which was maybe its point. I would give this movie.


4.5 stars out of 5