Talking Bruce Willis And A Day To Die With Mohamed Karim

The role of Reynolds in Wes Miller’s A Day to Die is the second film in a row that Karim has had the opportunity to play such an interesting role and one that isn’t a stereotypical Middle Eastern role, in a Hollywood film. After his successful films and series, he greatly achieved in Egypt and the Middle East.

How did you get into acting and what was your big break?

Born in Cairo Egypt, Came from a doctor’s family and medical background where I felt I wanted to do something for myself, something hard, challenging, Something I am very passionate about which is acting. Started in an early age back in school plays. Went to medical school but never gave up on my dream and passion. for acting. While I was a student in medical school I started doing acting, booking films, tv-series and in a very short time, I started doing lead roles. My films toured lots of renowned international film festivals such as Cannes film festivals, Monaco film festivals where I won the best actor award. I consider each project I get into is a new big break.

What sort of prep work did you do?

I had to work out a lot and I had to make sure that I know what I’m doing when it comes to the gun and the shooting and the chasing scenes and all that. I think the production did really well on that as well because we had like ex-military people taking care of and supervising things like the guns and machine guns and all that happened, and all the explosions and the blowing up the cars and all that. So I got to sit with them and ask all my questions because, at the end of the day, you need to make sure that if a real cop is watching or whatever your character is, a lawyer or a doctor, whatever, you want to be sure that people really believe in what you’re doing. The last thing you want to do is like if somebody like a real cop is watching and you’re not doing what you’re supposed to and I really hate that, personally. I kind of went through this already because I’m originally a medical doctor and watching a lot of series and a lot of films, you see doctors not doing the right thing. It kind of pisses me off. So that is sort of like pressure for me that I have to make sure that what I’m doing is right.

And in general, it depends on the role, and character I am playing. Here in A Day To Die we’re I played Detective Reynolds. Got the chance to sit and talk with my film director Wes miller brainstormed and discussed the character. I wanted to make sure that everything is right in Reynolds the way he speaks, walks, look, and even in his actions scenes the way he engages.. body language, his tone
What attracted you to the part?

The fact that it’s a not stereotype role, unpredictable throughout the whole film, good guy, wants to implement law and order and doesn’t fear anyone, the good guy that brings down the bad guys.

And That fact that my role Detective Reynolds, a committed and righteous law-enforcer who isn’t afraid to do the right thing or see justice served, even if it places him in the line of danger. Until he brings the head of corruption down and brings him to justice. The two most important things in Reynolds’s life are work and his daughter.
The role has a good message is that when you want to do something or prove a point or want to approach a goal, Never stop or listen to any suppressors believe in your gut feeling, and go for it until you prove everybody wrong..
had the opportunity to play such an interesting role and one that isn’t a stereotypical Middle Eastern role, in a Hollywood film. After my successful films and series, I achieved in Egypt and the Middle East.

What do you look for when you consider a part?

The story, script, A character that I haven’t done before, genre, If there is a string of important Message, non stereotype roles attracts me the most

What challenged you the most about the part?

I think I relate to Reynolds’s character in real life in a lot of his beliefs and actions in terms of don’t take no as an answer, going after my goal, and focusing till I reach my goal.

I think the most challenging part was to make sure that I don’t reveal what Reynolds really is and be unpredictable for the audience Throughout the movie.
And also the Action and shooting scenes were very challenging and super great and felt awesome when I watched the film with the audience during the NY premiere.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Sports, travel, meeting friends, read

What was working with the cast like? Do you have any special moments from filming you can share?

Was incredible, had the best time ever shooting with Bruce Willis as most of my scenes were opposite him. Also had an amazing time shooting with Kevin Dillion, Frank Grillo, Leon, and the rest of the cast. As we get to spend a good time together while we were shooting in Mississippi and happy that we all became friends now.

Just the fact that I grew up watching the Die Hard movies and watching all these movies and now I’m acting opposite him, I think I’m the luckiest person in the film. All of my scenes are with Bruce. I think that was amazing and I’m really excited about that. I am really excited about all the feedback that I’m getting. We have all these action scenes and I was prepping for it with him and getting the chance to talk and discuss and brainstorm with him. I just learned a lot from a legend. He’s just like the true word for a star, being humble and down to earth all the time and really nice for everybody.
There were a lot of funny moments and that set was really awesome. It’s one of the best sets I’ve ever been to. Also the action scenes, you know, were one of the best scenes that I had, during the robbery, during the finale. I think that was pretty intense and pretty cool.
Other moments were mostly the in-between scenes with me and Bruce talking a little bit. I learned a lot from him, actually. The fact that he’s just talking as Bruce and then, all of sudden, they’re ready for the next scene. I was amazed at the quick, freaking turn that he can just jump into his character right away like that. It didn’t matter how long he’d been talking, he was ready to go.
I have worked on a lot of movies, but the director Wes miller got that special, I’ll call it a gift. He’s so calm and he’s so easy with everything and that kind of reflects back on everybody. It’s super cool
I want to thank him and Andrew the film producer for the opportunity as well. I had an amazing time working with them, Wes trusts his actors and I just had a lot of fun working with him and I really look forward to working with him again.

What else do you have coming up?
Working on 2 new projects one in development stage and the other one is shooting next month
The one in development is a Horror film.