Moon Knight Rises For Disney+

The latest Marvel series for Disney+ has arrived and Moon Knight takes viewers into a darker-themed adventure than they would normally associate with a Marvel series. While it is not as adult-themed as the recent Netflix Marvel series which have returned to the service, there is blood and adult language and some darker themes and subject matter.

I was recently able to screen four of the six episodes for the series and Oscar Isaac does a masterful job in the title role. Isaac plays Steven Grant who awkwardly works in a London Museum in the Gift Shop. While very knowledgeable about artifacts, he is looked down upon by his boss and has started to have sleeping issues and blackouts which hamper what little social life that he has.

When Steven wakes up in an odd locale and runs afoul of a mysterious individual named Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), he soon finds himself on the run and at times blacking out and lacking control of his body.

It is learned that Steven shares his body with an individual named Marc Spector who appears to Steven as a voice in his head and his double on reflective surfaces. It is learned that Marc is an Avatar in the service of the God Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), and his protection allows Marc to become The Moon Knight who has an array of powers and skills to allow him to do what his masters tasks him to do.

Marc is eager to complete his tasks so he can be free of his obligation but soon suspects that he may not be able to break his servitude easily.

With Egyptian artifacts and mythology powering the series and the solid work from Isaac, Moon Knight has much going for it. While it does not have an abundance of action, what it does have is solid and very interesting characters and an engaging premise that pulls you in and keeps your attention even when you are trying to decipher many of the mysteries of the show.

It will be interesting to see how the final two episodes conclude and what the future holds for the character, but Marvel has once again brought another of their creations to life in a series that fans should enjoy.

Check out the series on Disney+ starting on March 30th