Sonic 2 Delivers What Fans Want

The last time we left Sonic ( Voiced by Ben Schwartz ), He found a home with Tom and Maddie. Dr
Robotnik (a perfectly cast Jim Carrey) was expelled to the Mushroom Planet with no
the foreseeable way home, and a portal opens introducing a two-tailed fox: Tails, Sonic’s best friend
(Voiced by Colleen O’Shaughnessy).

Using the mushrooms of the Planet, Dr. Robotnik creates a way to send a signal with Sonic’s
quill. In doing so, he reaches a large creature, Knuckles (Voiced by Idris Elba) who has been
looking for Sonic. Dr. Robotnik uses him to return to Earth to start his dastardly plan.
Tom and Maddie leave Sonic in charge for the weekend while they Hawaii for Rachel’s
Destination wedding. We meet Rachel’s Fiance Randall (Shemar Moore) who acts as the
ultimate frat bro. Tom is warned by Rachel to “NOT mess up her wedding.” This is definitely a
sign foreshadowing hijinks a la Sonic style.

Dr. Robotnik returns to Green Hills to find Sonic for Knuckles. While the Wachowski’s are away,
Sonic will play, well at least until he is located. Tails finds him in time to whisk him to safety with
enough information to learn what Knuckles is trying to do.

Sonic is a very good choice to create a franchise for the children who are learning about him
through their parents or grandparents of the SEGA Genesis era. There are plenty of laughs for
the children and their parents. It’s light-hearted fun for the speedy hedgehog’s fans. Don’t leave
too early, or you will miss the after-credit scenes that tell us that there is a Sonic 3.
It’s a very good movie to take your little ones to watch. Jim Carrey is an extraordinary physical
comedian. He certainly looks like he had fun in his role. Go see it with your favorite kid or kid at

4 stars out of 5