Monopoly: the history and rules of the game.

Monopoly is one of the world’s biggest ever board games and is now a massive global brand for its parent company Hasbro.

Even the most rural of NZ residents will have probably heard of this property buying, rent-seeking, family argument causing game!

Aim of the Game

So, what’s the aim of the game of Monopoly – if you’ve never actually played it? Well, the main gameplay involves moving around the board via dice roll and buying up property squares that you land on.

When other players land there, they pay you to rent. You can use that rent to buy more properties or build up your existing ones to charge more rent. The winner is the last remaining player with any money left!

The designers spiced things up a bit, though. There are also Chance Effects that offer cash prizes (or losses) and you can land on the jail to send your piece to clink for a few turns.

Creating a Monopoly: Adapt and Thrive

This simple format has made Monopoly into a globally iconic game.

All you have to do is replace the properties and chance effects with culturally or geographically relevant places – and you’ve got a whole new game to market anywhere in the world!

And, before you ask, yes there’s a New Zealand edition too! The first one was published in 1979, and they regularly update the game for the NZ market right up to today.

Since 1989, Monopoly’s owners have also branched out into video games and gambling games too!

Some of the best online casinos nz have to offer will feature Monopoly-themed games. You can get Monopoly scratches, Monopoly pokies games – and even the amazing 3D Monopoly LIVE experience from Evolution!

The Monopoly theme, with the flashy Mr Monopoly mascot, is perfect for a fun gambling session, that’s for sure.

But it wasn’t always this way!