The Luxor In Las Vegas Was An Ideal Locale For Work And Relaxation

Recently I had the chance to stay at the Luxor in Las Vegas while I was in town covering Cinemacon.

I had visited the resort a few times before to take in a show, exhibit, look around, and enjoy the buffet but this was my first time staying at the locale.

Upon arriving I parked in self-parking which offers one day of free parking per day of your stay and then charges a timed rate that caps at $15.00 per day.

The parking has easy access to the walkway into the resort and I passed the pools which were loaded with guests eager to take in the sun. The line to check in was huge as not only was Cinemacon in town but the NFL Draft was getting ready to start in a few days and considering that Las Vegas is always a popular destination, I took advantage of the App check-in and Kiosk to make my own key to my room and avoid a wait.

I did get lost as there are various banks of elevators that go to certain floors and they are located at various points so I did have to ask and walk around to find the correct one but this did allow me a chance to see more of the food and drink options as well and shops that I had not encountered on prior visits.

The elevator ride did take some getting used to as it did not sound not move in the way that I expected and I learned that it actually moved in a sideways fashion as it ascended due to the Pyramid design of the building.

Once I reached the floor I was treated to a great view of the Lobby from 20 floors up but I did wonder about the railing only being waist-high as I walked to my room.

The room was very clean and inviting and larger than expected as I had a King Bed and a Flat Screen television as well as a safe, desk and chair, and a very large shower and plenty of space.

The room also offered a great view of the nearby resorts and city and was something to behold at night as well as when the sun arose.

With a tight schedule, I met up with my Brother-In-Law who lives locally to do some shopping for my wife who was not able to join me on this trip and pick up some food and the resort had a very easy access area in which to catch or exit all forms of vehicles.

Since I was busy with the convention and since we still have Covid to contend with, I kept my dining and entertainment largely in-room but I did make sure to get the new rewards card to replace my outdated one and the Wi-Fi and channels in the room were more than enough to keep me entertained after a long day and the very comfy bed and adjustable climate controls were perfect for the warm days and cold nights.

My check out was very easy as it was done via the app and staff suggested I leave my car where it was for the day and pick it up when I returned from my last day at the convention.

I was so impressed with my all too short stay that I suggested to my wife that when we are able to we make a point of looking into a stay here as our usual method is to come in January for CES and while we have a hotel we have used on recent trips that is more relaxed and ideal for our schedule then, the Luxor would be an ideal alternate.


  1. TIM RUGGIERO said:

    I stayed there this past week. The ‘Priority’ check in line was a 30 min wait. Found out thr hard way that top tier status with Hyatt (with whom I booked thr room) is meaningless. Then off to the ‘regular’ line for even longer wait. The buffet and the steakhouse were closed, the pool closes at 5, and my room was clearly for the those who take the ‘special’ rate. Right next to the machines that ding ding ding 24/7. The entire place reeked of cigarette smoke and cheap cologne. Check out was the easiest part, doing it online…but 4 days, several emails, direct messages and phone calls later, I’m still waiting on my receipt.

    May 8, 2022
    • gareth said:

      I used the app to check-in and out as it was much easier. I did not bother with the buffet as that type of dining is risky now. I checked in, relaxed in the room and then went out for a quick errand and had dinner in the room that I picked up on the errand. The next day I was at Cinemacon and checked out remotely via the app. I had my masks on as well so likely why I did not notice the odors like you did.

      May 8, 2022

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