Enjoying A Nostalgic Lunch At Planet Hollywood: Las Vegas

While covering Cinemacon in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to visit Planet Hollywood at Caesars Palace. The first day of Cinemacon is light schedule-wise leading up to the opening Studio Showcase in the evening so I took the time to explore Caesars Palace and take in the numerous sites that the locale offered. I noticed a listing for Planet Hollywood and since I had not been to one since the Seattle location closed, I was curious to see the memorabilia and enjoy the food.

The memorabilia that was a calling card of the franchise is still there albeit not as splashy and abundant as in the past. Our table offered a nice view of the monitors which showed off entertainment news and clips and our server was very helpful with my questions. I had talked about some of my favorite menu items from past visits and she directed us to a Q-Code on the table to view the full menu.

While several things had changed, there were more than enough options so we started with Texas Tornados which are small Tortilla circles topped with BBQ Meat and sauces and were a very tasty and light start to our lunch.


My Brother in Law opted for a full BBQ Pizza and since I was in the mood for a lighter option I chose a side salad and an order of Chicken Tenders. The salad was very fresh and much larger than I expected it to be and the Tenders were as I remembered them with a light coating of Captain Crunch and a mild but perfectly paired dipping sauce.







As we ate and took in the ambiance, I noticed online that there are only two Planet Hollywood locations left in the U.S. with the other being in Orlando. While they do have the hotel and resorts, the other locales are located overseas and it was a bit sad to see how few were still operational but I was happy that they had not vanished completely.

The food was good and while some may consider it pricey, I did not it although $80.00 with gratuity for our lunch with no alcohol or dessert may seem a bit much for some. I chalked it up to what one would