Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Press Conference Recap

Prior to screening “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” I was invited to take part to an online conference with the cast and creatives of the film. The moderated discussion covered several topics and here are some of the main points that I took from the conference.

Kevin Feige and staff have conducted their retreat where the next ten years of the MCU have been planned out.

Director Sam Raimi said that technology has advanced considerably since he did the last Spider-man movie, especially in the form of the wirework which allows them to do so much more now.

Raimi also stated that his experience in horror served him well for the film especially knowing how to make the audience tense up expecting something and then delivering it when they have relaxed and are not expecting a scare.

Benedict Cumberbatch has said that not only does he love the character but when asked about what it has meant to him, he answered that it has allowed him to appear in and produce various projects that otherwise would not have been possible. He was asked if he can tell the difference between a Doctor Strange fan, a Sherlock fan, and a Power of the Dog fan and he said it was not as easy as one might think.

When asked about the representation that the character of America offers, Kevin said that it was in keeping with the character in the comic book and that they were glad to be able to bring it into the MCU.

Benedict Wong expressed how much he has enjoyed playing the character and Elizabeth Olsen tried to answer questions as best as she could without giving away too much; jokes were made about the Memes with Kevin looking over people’s shoulders and warning them not to spoil the film.

When asked how they manage to keep a lid on spoilers, Kevin mentioned that they don’t despite their best efforts but they focus on giving such a good experience that even when people know spoilers going in, they still enjoy the experience.