KontrolFreek Reveals New Black Galaxy Thumbsticks

Great looking new caps have arrived from KontrolFreek.

KontrolFreek®, the creator of Performance Gaming Gear™, today unveiled the limited-edition Black Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks®.

Inspired by galactic black holes, dark matter, cosmic entities, and other mysteries of the universe, the enduring black-on-black color scheme brings this original laser-etched design to life through KontrolFreek’s fan-favorite FPS Freek® Galaxy franchise. Utilizing the science of ergonomics, the limited-edition performance gear helps improve gameplay by increasing range of motion, comfort, exceptional grip, and control while delivering maximum precision.

With a versatile dual-height combination, the Black Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks stand up to the grueling demands of competitive online play, whether fighting on the battlefield, in the city, or the universe. Adding 10.0mm of height to original stock controller sticks for increased arc distance and precision, the high-rise Thumbstick reduces the amount of force required for movements, decreasing hand fatigue, and improving accuracy, while the mid-rise Thumbstick enhances overall control. The result is maximized agility, which allows gamers to optimize a player’s in-game sensitivity.


Trusted by professional players and approved for tournament use, the Black Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks are perfect for games like Halo, Destiny, or Apex Legends.


The limited-edition Black Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks are available for $19.99 at KontrolFreek.com.


Key Product Features:

  • Designed to meet ergonomic and performance gaming needs specific to FPS games
  • The world’s most advanced thumb grips with a next-gen 4-Prong design for next-gen consoles
  • Versatile dual-height combination:
    • The high-rise concave Thumbstick adds 10.0mm for increased accuracy on the right analog stick
    • The mid-rise concave Thumbstick adds a nominal height of 6.5mm on the left analog stick to enhance control for in-game movement
  • Proprietary rubber compound enhances grip and reduces slip
  • Available for PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4 | Xbox X/S | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch



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