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Published on June 21st, 2022 | by minshewnetworks


The Incredible Rise of Bitcoin: Why Is It So Famous?

Everyone who is getting to know about BITCOIN CURRENCY or even the ones who are investing in it often wonder why bitcoin is priced at such a high value. Despite a 20% dip in its value, bitcoin has not lost the interest of the investors. People are still in it to be a probable currency of the future and are comparing it with gold. So, the important question here is what makes bitcoin so popular and has a high value?


Bitcoin Essentials: What You Need to Know


  • The limited number of bitcoins– The maximum supply of bitcoin is only 21 million. And this limited supply is one of the biggest contributors to the fluctuating price or higher value of bitcoin. Moreover, of the 21 million bitcoins, only 19 million are left, and a handful of people hold the major share of this. Hence, they can increase or decrease the value of bitcoin.
  • Bitcoins cannot be copied– Another reason that makes Bitcoin so promising is that it cannot be copied. Bitcoin operates on Blockchain. This is a distributed ledger platform. Penetrating the Blockchain platform and altering the information or deleting any information is next to impossible. This adds to the security feature of bitcoin, thus making it a valuable cryptocurrency.
  • Easily transportable– As compared to the earlier times today, it is very easy to transport and transfer cryptocurrencies. There may be certain fees associated with it, but again this varies from one trip to exchange to another. Earlier, we had a limited number of crypto exchanges, and hence the features were also restricted but with the search in the number to exchange platforms and the growth in the nation of investors.


The Dos and Don’ts of Bitcoin Investing

Once you have gathered enough information about bitcoin, your next move is to understand how to invest in it. For a new investor, the entire experience can be overwhelming, and hence we have chalked down certain pointers that are going to help you frame your trading strategy.


  • Mastering the basics of cryptocurrencies is what every trader should focus on at the beginning. Whether you want to invest in it today or you have plans to make a cryptocurrency investment, gathering enough information is going to help you frame the right investment decision.

If you are looking to invest for the long run, then investment decisions should be driven by the portfolio of the cryptocurrency, understanding its use cases and prospects.

  • Don’t limit your options. Whenever you are investing, whether it is in the stock market or the crypto market, it must be a diversified decision. What we reply here is that your investment should be not limited to just bitcoin.

Other cryptocurrencies are performing exceptionally well, and you can explore these cryptocurrencies and add them to your investment portfolio will be a good decision.

  • Knowing when is the right time to invest is a differentiating factor. Most investors who make good money in the trading world have a complete understanding of when is the right time to put the money in the market and when they should pull out. Hence learning about the trading strategies and defining your trading move is important here. The trading strategy may vary for every individual. Hence you must understand your risk appetite, decide your investment amount, comprehend your trading strategy and then make an investment.




This brief guide on bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tips will help frame your trading strategies. However, we also recommend reading as much as possible about trading and getting the best knowledge it is important to do it practically. Hence you can register yourself on the crypto trading platform This brief guide on bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tips will help frame your trading strategies.


However, we also recommend reading as much as possible about trading and getting the best knowledge, and it is important to do it practically. Understanding the crypto market and crypto exchange is paramount, and for this you can log on to BitiQOpinioni where you can find all the information about this platform and trading. It offers you an easy-to-use platform, where you can explore all the crypto assets. You can start with investing a smaller amount, and once you have an understanding of the trading world, you can increase the investment. This way, you can make informed decisions and stay on the right track of investment.



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