Unexplained Questions Following The Obi-Wan Kenobi Finale And Some Theories As To What Comes Next

With the finale of the Obi-Wan series now completed and the plethora of articles breaking down the events of the final episode and series flooding the Internet, I thought rather than do a review I would take a look ahead and examine some questions I had going forward.

Naturally, for anyone who has not watched the series yet this would be considered spoilers so please be advised.

The first thing that caught my attention was the Scout Ship Obi-Wan used in the finale. Following his return of Lola to Leia, what became of the ship? Did he return it to Roken or keep it as I am sure having access to a ship could come in handy as the events of the recent series showed and how many times he had to depend on some transportation that was, to say the least complicated.

One theory I had was that he sold or traded it for his home which is seen in Episode IV as we all know in nine years’ time he has a home and is in need of chartering a flight. Just imagine if he had his ship and packed Luke and the Droids onto it as they would never have met Han and Chewbacca and galactic history would have been changed.

Another possible explanation is that Bail Organa made sure our favorite Jedi did not have to toil away as a meat cutter and gave him a reward/salary for rescuing Leia and made sure he had plenty of money on hand to last him or at the least set him up with what was needed.

Looking at his former Padawan Anakin, their reunion is likely going to cause Vader even more issues as he was beaten again by Obi-Wan and spared. The anger over another loss is clear but on some level, his compassion has to only humiliate him further as it could be taken as he was not worth killing and it is a better punishment for him to live out his days of his life support and knowing he is still second best to his former master and subservient to his current one.

The show leaves many possibilities open for a new season and also for the exploration of new characters such as Reva, Roken, and Haja to say nothing of the Inquisitors and young Leia.

Based on the response to the series and Ewan and Hayden said they would be up for doing more and Kathleen Kennedy saying if the demand is there we will do it, I think we have not seen the last of Obi-Wan.