Talking KREW EATS With KREW and BBTV

Recently I spoke with KREW and BBTV about KREW EATS and the new Kitchen Updates to the popular mobile game. Gareth assisted with the questions and you can see the answers below.


How did you decide which foods make the cut?

KREW – We didn’t want to leave any food out. Our game is about eating anything and everything. So our one and only goal was to make sure that the food looked delicious.

You started your It’s Funneh YouTube channel almost 11 years ago. You’ve since garnered over 10.5 billion views. You have merch and a video game. What can fans expect next from KREW?

KREW – We have so many creative aspirations that we’d love to explore. It’s all thanks to our fans that we have these amazing opportunities. We can’t predict the future, but we hope to continue growing and share our journey in the content creation space.

You share your gameplay, cooking experiments and reactions. Who comes up with the content ideas and how do you decide what does or doesn’t happen?

KREW – We usually discuss what we’d like to do together. There are so many video ideas we have, but there is not enough time! Since we are a gaming channel, most of our recording sessions will be gaming. We love doing vlog/challenge content, but those take a lot more time to produce so we save them for special milestone videos. Since there’s five of us with different personalities, we usually just vote on decisions. We all give out our ideas and vote on which ones we think are best.

When you aren’t creating content, what’s your favorite thing to do as a family? Definitely binge-watching shows or movies. Conversely, what does “me time” look like for each of you?

Betty- I love to sing and I’m starting to practice Pilates. It’s really hard!

Kim- I’ve been really into learning about new makeup and skincare tips.

Kathy- I like learning new things. Right now I’m learning about photography and how to play the ukulele.

Wenny- Right now I have been playing mobile games when I have free time. I also love to draw.

Allen- I have been trying to learn and improve on 3D modeling.

Family dynamics being what they are, and all your distinct personalities, what do you think is the secret to why you all get along?

KREW – Growing up one thing our parents always told us is that, even if you fight and don’t get along sometimes, you’re still family and you will always have to be there for each other. Now we just make sure to communicate properly and talk when we feel frustrated. We can’t stay mad forever!

What is next for you?

KREW – We were at Vidcon last week as featured guests. That was a blast! We just announced an expansion of our partnership with Warren James. And we have the anniversary of KREW EATS coming up later this summer which will have even more exciting updates we can’t wait to share. Outside of that we have announcements for more games and more content that are secret for now, but when we can share, we’ll be sure to let you know.




What is the background and setting for the game?


Hamish Millar – KREW loves food. Naturally, a game based on KREW trying to eat all the food was only fitting. As one of the KREW members, you start off eating foods at home, then different levels at different locations like a restaurant, or bakery, before going off to more fantastical locations like a Fantasy Forest or Jurassic World. All the game’s narrative has been written by KREW, offering fans authentic KREW content.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during development?


Hamish Millar – This was the first game we made that was fully done in-house with a very new team, spread across different time-zones. Development was pleasantly harmonious, despite different cultures/languages/timezones. The biggest challenge was math! The player and the foods all grow exponentially, so ensuring a balanced game throughout the player journey was a bit of a process. Having to use numbers that we didn’t know existed. On the tech side, we had so much content to offer from all the food and locations we worked through various memory challenges.


How did you decide which foods make the cut?


Hamish Millar – Obviously KREW had some input here. Alos, our designers became experts of KREW, and came up with foods based on locations, or based on events that we had running. KREW have been part of every creative asset that goes into the game, including all the food! We’ve been pretty spot on in coming up with KREW foods, occasionally with input from the siblings. This game always makes us hungry.