The Best Free Photo Manipulation Tools Online

Nearly half of Americans (48%) use photo editing apps before sharing images online. Photos with filters and edits get more shares and engagement.

Photo manipulation might seem inauthentic if you’re sharing a moment with your friends. It’s not a matter of creating a different image. Photo editing is about presenting the best parts of your image.

Editing helps you bring your creative vision to life. Do you want to know more about how to make image manipulation work for you?

Check out these image tools that will help you create shareable and engaging photos.


VSCO is a popular app with the teenage crowd. It’s a mix of a photo editing app and social media app. It targets artistic and creative types to edit their work and share images through the app.

If you don’t want to become a VSCO girl and post on that social network, you can save your images and post them to Instagram.

2. Adobe Express

Adobe is a company known for creating simple products to use for graphic designers and other creators. You can edit images for free using Adobe Express.

It’s an easy-to-learn tool that lets you remove background from an image, crop, resize, and edit your images. There are templates you can use and customize to match your brand.

3. Pixlr

Do you want to create animations and edit your photos with a click? Pixlr might be the tool for you.

There’s a free and paid version of Pixlr. It’s easy to add filters, create collages, and make graphics using one of the tool’s templates.

4. Fotor

Fotor is a relatively new tool used for photo editing. There’s a free version and a Pro version that costs about $35 a year. You can use the mobile app or edit on your desktop computer.

Fotor has robust editing features that let you create collages, and change the white balance, exposure, and color settings. It uses artificial intelligence, so you can edit your images in just a click.

5. Canva

Canva is best known as a graphic design tool to create flyers and printed marketing collateral. It’s also used to create social media images like Pinterest pins.

You can use Canva as a photo editor, too. Resize your images, crop them, and easily add them to any graphic design you choose. The tool is expanding to include video editing, so you can create Stories and short videos that grab attention.

The Top Photo Manipulation Tools

Photo manipulation simply means using image tools to bring your creative vision to life. You can have fun and experiment with these photo editing tools.

The more you play with the features of the different design tools the more comfortable you’ll be working with graphic design and photo editing.

The good news is that these tools make it very easy to do. Do you want the latest news and review in tech and entertainment? Check out the home page of this site for more great articles.