Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris Is A Delight

The film is based on the 1958 book series that began with “Flowers for Mrs. Harris”, The title
would be changed to “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” as well as her future adventures. Mrs.Ada
Harris (Lesley Manville) is a housekeeper that goes house to house on a daily, cleaning for
various clients. In between, we meet her friends Vi Butterfield (Ellen Thomas), Ada’s fellow
housekeeper, and bestie, Archie (Jason Issacs), a charming fellow who works at the racing park.
One day, she comes across the most beautiful gown that belongs to a client igniting her
dream of having a dress from Christian Dior. Ada had never seen a dress made with such care
and precision, every detail embossed in the gown. She had fallen in love!

Ada had just been made aware of her husband’s death in the war. Having lost all hope that her
beloved would return, she sunk into a depression. That gown became her new goal which
picked up her spirits! She was driven and focused. Finally, she saved enough funds for her trip,
She was on her way to the City of Lights and Dior!

Mrs. Harris arrives to find Paris stinking from the garbage strike of 1953. The city smelled of
trash, the streets were piled high with bags and boxes filled with refuse. The people of the city,
however, were ever so kind and lovely to Ada. There is a distinct difference between the
treatment that Mrs. Harris receives in Paris versus the behavior she gets from her clients in

This movie was a delight to watch. Ms. Manville lit up the screen as Ada with her happiness and
determination. Her resilient attitude and headstrong fortitude help her transcend the
disappointments in her life and forge on through losses, hurts and sadness.
Through the film, the audience is treated to the beauty of after-war Paris, the artistry of Haute
Couture and the inner workings at a premier fashion house. Mrs. Harris is an absolute treat to
watch, that takes its viewers on an adventure of their own!

4.5/5 Stars