Where the Crawdads Sing Is An Emotional Film About Finding Your Strength

Beyond the North Carolina shores, deep in the marshes where danger can find you easily lost in the reeds. Little Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones ) grows up with her family, in time, she becomes abandoned, left to raise herself, in the outskirts of the small town of Barkley Cove.

Everyone in Barkley Cove have called her ‘the Marsh Girl”. Few people have shown Kya any kindness in town. The couple that owns the Grocery Store Jumpin’ (Sterling Mason Jr.) and Mabel (Michael Wyatt) have watched over her since her Pa (Garret Dillahunt) would teach her what he knew.

The story has two timelines that bring Kya’s tale from child, to a self sufficient adult. Olivia Newton has brought the lush, humid, shores of 1954 North Carolina in the novel and painted Kya’s life in the marsh as her safe shelter. The ecosystem of the marsh is her home and livelihood.

Tom Milton, the town lawyer (David Strathairn) is another person who had extended his kindness to Kya since she crossed her path. Tom had let her know early on that she had every right to an education. Strathairn plays an incredibly warm and clever man that stands up for theunderdog and fight for the underserved.

This film is a beautiful telling of Delia Owen’s novel of the same title. Produced by Reese
Witherspoon’s Group, this is a fantastic film to go see with your girls. It’s a story about a strong girl who becomes a stronger woman.