It’s Always a Proper Moment to Return to Smash

The life cycle of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate consists of hype periods. Masahiro Sakurai reveals a new character, and the game gets a significant wave of new and returning players. Or actually, that was like this as we are very late in the life cycle, and hyped updates are obviously over.

Many players had fun with Smash Ultimate — but you should be a super dedicated fan to not get interested in other titles. Yeah, people got distracted from this adventure but then returned to have fun with new fighters. But what now?

It’s not about the motivation to grab your controller and join the matches — the game is great, and it’s always nice to be back. It’s mostly about losing the sequence of actions, where you don’t know how you would play Smash after a break.

Here are some hints on how to return to Smash Ultimate and not only keep track of fun but also expand your previous experience and probably discover new excitement inside of the same great game.

Set New Goals

Many multiplayer games have a kind of routine. You jump into a match, you do something in there, you win or lose, and then you repeat. Sure, the whole process is much more entertaining than it sounds here, but if you return to the same routine after a break, you risk not getting hooked by the action.

Start with something fresh! Smash Ultimate has a lot of interesting stuff beyond just Smash or Online fights. And you can set some goals for yourself to create the feeling of progression and achievements.

For example, how about getting a decent High Score for every fighter in Classic Mode? Or how does collecting rare spirits sound to you?

No, those goals don’t have to be global and epic. Just small things to explore different aspects of the game. Have you unlocked all the characters? Have you finished Adventure Mode?

That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your traditional Smash habits. Just add something new to this stream.

Play New Characters

To play Smash (or actually any fighting game), you need to pick up one character and concentrate on them to master many tricks and feel confident within any matchup. Some enthusiastic players might practice a few additional fighters — for fun or to confront some difficult opponents. But in most cases, you can’t have an active roster of more than 1-2-3 fighters. That’s kind of a rule, and you should ignore it for now.

When you return to Smash after a break, taking the same familiar character is so comforting; it’s almost like wearing your old comfy sweater. The risk is to get bored after a couple of matches, so Smash returns to the backlog for an even longer period.

The character list in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is absolutely impressive. It’s easy to find here another awesome hero you would like to play. They might be from your favorite franchise (and Nintendo has many iconic personalities). Or they might be interesting for your preferred archetype.

For example, if you played all-rounders, such as Mario, Yoshi, or Ryu, you can feel what type of playing style is better personally for you. If you like being fast in striking opponents and then running away to a safe distance, take Greninja or Captain Falcon. If you enjoy rushing onto the opponent and delivering a devastating series of attacks, consider playing Sheik or Fox.

It might be a good idea to get experience with an archetype you never played before. You had Pikachu as your main? Why not try Donkey Kong or Ganondorf?

The choice is really huge, and any method will do — even taking anyone random. The point is to give a new fighter their chance to shine in your hands.

Enjoy New Modes, Settings, Maps

The game has many match customization options — and just mixing them, you might discover fresh shades of fun.

There’s no specific recipe here. Try to experiment with everything the game has to offer. And don’t stick to your specific decisions — create unique matches in the Smash mode and then be ready to change that. The purpose is to refresh the experience.

The approach to modes should be a bit different than in the section about new goals. Smash Ultimate has many dimensions, so let yourself wander around this universe and stumble upon something cool.

Even if you play mostly standard multiplayer matches or try to accomplish a goal in the Spirits Board, take pauses from this activity for some other sorts of Smash fights.

Maps might seem not significant, but in fact, they are. You change a map, and you need to act differently with your character. The collection here is vast, so feel free to step beyond the Final Destination.

Meet New People

Multiplayer games are a social experience. It’s one thing when you play online with random people, and it’s a totally different situation when you play with someone on a regular basis.

Take some steps to find like-minded Smash players. Join active online communities or visit offline locals.

One of the simplest things you can do is ask friends if they are interested in playing Smash. You might have known that guy for years, but now you’ll discover the gaming side of his personality.

Go Really Deep Into the Game

There are different layers of enjoying Smash. The game is perfectly beginner-friendly, but at the same time, it’s surprisingly deep, providing various tools for advanced and professional players. The sky’s the limit here, and you might find it thrilling to strive for perfection.

Look for professional guides on your character. Learn mind-blowing combos. Invent your own unique tricks. And practice all of that in the Training mode.

It would be a good idea to combine this approach with setting new goals. What about taking more fighters into Elite Smash?

This path is rather challenging, but it’s the beauty of it. You’ll find here both an exciting process and meaningful achievements.

Watch professional esports events (such as Smash World Tour) to feel the potential level for your skills. But don’t get upset because you can’t do this or that — time and dedication to practice are needed. Then, you will be surprised by the difference in your playing skills!

Smash Ultimate is a game for many years and many returning sessions. It’s totally to take breaks here. And it’s great to return to it and feel fresh excitement. If you use pieces of advice from this article and probably even combine them into one experience, it always will be a proper moment to return to Smash.