Creation Entertainment Star Trek Convention: Las Vegas 2022

Here are some images in Tik Tok form from the Creation Entertainment Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas celebrating 56 years of the franchise.

My overall opinion on Star Trek 2022:

While everything is fresh in my mind, I’m probably going to keep it simple and just speak about my overall thoughts. The likes and dislikes of the whole event. What I like about the convention is that it’s still being held, regardless of the circumstances. I like the fact that things sort of flowed in a way. Like the Covid check-in was in front of everything as well as check-in came after that. I like the fact that the celebrities still came out and did their thing. Unfortunately, I was only able to show up on the weekend since I still have to play dad on Thursday, so I wasn’t able to attend. Friday didn’t go too well, but more on my part, and wasn’t able to attend. Saturday, was Day 3 of the convention, in which I was able to get in okay, despite the confusion, but was able to sit in during a few panels. I won’t get into much detail but I’ll try to run through a few highlights that I can remember.

Each panel was about 45 minutes long and otherwise specified. The Picard panel featured most of the cast and shared their moments on how they enjoyed working with each other and touched upon their point of view on season 2. As well as answering a few questions from the audience. They really couldn’t say much on Season 3 but it will be something to look forward to. Ron Perlman started going off his life story and how he admired his dad. Also talked about his book, and he jokingly said that he’ll be in the parking lot selling it. He also took time to answer a few questions on other projects he did and his thoughts. Ending day 3 of the convention was Kate Mulgrew, who played Captain Janeway on Star Trek Voyager. Instead of being interviewed, she pretty much went straight to answering questions from the audience. Which was nice of her since she was there for them. It’s always nice to hear what these celebrities have been doing the past year or two during covid, but it’s also nice to give as much time to interact with the audience.

Sunday, the last day of the convention, I took the time to walk around and see the whole floor. The photo op room is right next to the vendor room in the same hall, with Leonard Nimoy Theatre in a different hall right next to it. While Jimmy’s place and DeForet Kelley’s theatre were on the 26th floor, the Sky View floor. In the hallway of the Sky View were tributes to Nichelle Nichols ad a few images of TOS, while the main floor had images of guests from other series. A few of the panels that I attended were with DS9. Hearing how active Chase Masterson is with the community as well as the Rat pack’s upcoming performances. As well as taking time to answer a few questions from the audience. The Voyager panel was a bit more entertaining and laughter-filled and talked about what they had been doing through the Pandemic and as well as Jeri Ryan’s experience with Picard. Which kind of sparked the thought of doing a spin-off of their own and how it would play out. They also took some serious time to express how much they respect Kate Mulgrew as a person, as they were told by an audience member how Kate Mulgrew spoke highly of them, so the Voyager cast took time to speak highly of Kate. I ended the day with William Shatner, who spoke about part of his life of being on the Johnny Carson show and mentioned the albums that he recorded. Then of course taking time to answer a few questions from the audience.

Of course, it’s always great to cover these shows and Like the Creation Entertainment tries to do its best to make it happen. But I got to be honest in which, I’m probably not the only one who has dislikes about this event. I’m sure there are always two sides to the story, and I’ll admit, I don’t know the other side, but a bit on the unhappy side with the fact that they chose a smaller venue than last year. This year they went to Bally’s instead of the Rio Hotel. At this point, Bally’s is in the midst of changing its name to the Horseshoe, and a lot of construction around the area. But the fact that it was in a smaller venue, made it a little bit more crowded to get around. Even though I give them kudos for trying to make it flow. The magnitude of this event as well as those who attend this event should be in a bigger venue than Bally’s. I understand that they may want to control the lines and the flow, but in my opinion, it was a bit crowded in a smaller convention space than the Rio.

Overall, it’s a decent event, despite the small convention center, but it was always great to cover Star Trek every year. I know this review may not be too informed, it’s just that, if I got into detail with each panel, it would be long and probably be too much to read. So I try to share the highlights from my point of view.

Other than that, till next time.


  1. Anonymous said:

    I was in high school when it started and have been to numerous Trek conventions. This year stunk, they get a C-; first the web site had zero information re parking and where it was inside, not a hard thing to communicate, who ever wrote the app wording gets a F; then once inside-no signs it was on the second floor; then we were BASHED with the COVID thing-which does not exist in the hotel/casino or elsewhere in LV, what if I came from Calif. and w/o my vax card, lucky I had it in my wallet; I complained to a Creation employee and immediately she started yelling at me and scolding me like Sister Agnes at St. Anne, completely exaggerated-probably from having to answer why no warning, she just kept yelling that I missed it on the website–but it was NOT on my ticket, Creation gets an F for this horrible PR to two senior citizens who spent $500 last year and another $500 this year–I did hear some other employee say that 25 employees called in sick, great; I then told the woman I was born in LV and had never seen this type of screw up and did not appreciate her tone and coverup ( I might be 73 yrs. old, but I am a local consumer attorney-not some old guy out of the rest home for the day), then as I was walking away she yelled loud in retaliation “Yeah, well I live here,” great training Creation, bash the local seniors when they confront you with the facts, how about just a “sorry” about that confusion, that’s what I did when I was younger and working my way through college in LV casinos.
    Then later, my free face mask broke and I walked up to a Bally’s security guard at a stand and politely asked if the bowl of masks sitting there were free-the guard, looked mad and just glared at me, which was puzzling and quite frankly strange-since we were two grayed-haired seniors, so I said–“I can’t read minds, all you had to say is yes they’re free Sir,” then as I was walking away, the guard started yelling loud and I mean real loud, at me as I walked down the hall-can’t remember exactly what he said, but he yelled insults two times, like he was a cop and I was a prisoner being out of line, a complete breakdown in appropriate customer relations, it in fact scared me he would escalate the situation over nothing.
    It was crowded and not fun; the food court was I guess not unusual, but $17 for a burger, fries and drink extra, wow; I am not going again if the Creation people are running it. Hope someone can learn something from this narrative.

    Vegas Rich

    August 31, 2022
    • gareth said:

      We knew of the acovid thing for months and seeing how a positive case shuts down production and costs studios I do not have a problem with it.
      You put thousands of people in a venue there should be safety regations. I did hear that the lines had issues.

      August 31, 2022

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