Back 4 Blood: Children Of The Worm Is A Solid DLC Experience For Those Wanting More From The Game

Back 4 Blood has released their biggest update yet with Children of the Worm. The new DLC offers a new chapter for the game with multiple missions and the biggest additions to the game to date.

The new playable Prophet Dan tasks Cleaners to help him save his followers from the Children of the Worm cult which seem to be working with the Ridden to create an even greater threat to what is left of humanity.

The expansion adds new weapons, cards, enemies, and items to the game, and the addition of salvage armor, Bear Traps, and other features gives the game a new depth that goes beyond just adding new chapters, skins, and accomplishments.

The gameplay has not changed much as there are still endless waves of enemies to deal with but the levels are more engaging as a boatyard, prison, and Rail Yard make for some interesting locales and missions that require players to blast open obstacles or find materials to repair areas is a great addition which really adds to the challenge.

One of the biggest things I had to contend with is the inclusion of lairs from the prior expansion. When they are encountered the team can opt to take the mission underground but in doing so ends their above-ground mission.

While a successful exit from a lair does indeed complete a chapter, I wanted to see how various maps played out versus spelunking away below. I suggest before embarking on a mission with live players versus Bots, go over what the goals are regarding this topic.

The addition of enemy snipers made for a new challenge as having to avoid their laser sites and pick them off without taking damage was a new dimension and made for some very interesting visuals as the beams crossed over various points on a map.

While Children of the Worm does not drastically alter the gameplay, it does offer plenty of new gameplay enhancements beyond the previously mentioned enemies and locales. The Bear Traps maybe was annoying to keep stepping into but if you are lucky enough to be the one deploying them it can be a very satisfying experience.

In the end, Children of the Worm is a solid expansion that drives the storyline for future story content and sets a new standard for future content to strive for.

4 stars out of 5