The Latest Trends in Video Game Graphics

Video games are getting bigger and better seemingly every single day. We are seeing so many things that many of us didn’t think possible a year or two ago. Everything in the gaming world is improving, including the graphics.


Graphics are important whether you play jackpot slots, Warzone, or League of Legends. Here are a few of the trends in video game graphics that you should be paying attention to.

High-Resolution Mobile Gaming

One of the most significant changes we are going to see is in mobile gaming. Smartphones are more powerful than ever before, being able to handle huge games like Fortnite with ease. With this new power comes better graphics.


Add in Cloud gaming, and we are going to see phones with graphics that can rival handheld devices, tablets, and even laptops or PCs. There has also been talk of combining PC graphic performance with a smartphone.


While this is something for the future, the idea of having a smartphone with the same processing power as a PC is incredible. This would mean crystal clear, highly defined graphics as well; a smartphone with the graphics of a gaming PC, who can say no to that?

More Details

No matter how good a game is, there will always be parts of a game that just aren’t detailed enough. Video game fans want more details; they want to see dust as their character walks and watch raindrops bouncing off of surfaces.


While this requires systems with more power, it is a direction that more developers are trying to go in to make games feel immersive and “real.”


More Power = Better Graphics

Speaking of power, this is something that developers are banking on. A game’s full potential is usually not reached as the system it is played on is simply not powerful enough to handle all the data and details.


As devices get better, graphics can only get better with them. Designers will be able to detail more of the worlds and characters they build, creating something that imitates the real world.

Virtual Reality

While virtual reality is exciting and developing faster than almost anything else in gaming, it is still being held up in the graphics department; VR games just don’t look as good as they can


We are sure to see virtual reality games get better and better looking. Considering the point of VR is to create an immersive and realistic world, VR graphics are set to be the next thing to evolve.

Looking & Performing Better

Another issue that games face is that they often struggle to find the balance between looking good and performing well. You usually can’t have both, and designers will usually sacrifice graphics to ensure the game runs perfectly.


The next step is to not only find the balance but also to take it to the next level. With new consoles and improvements in PC performance, we can see games that feel and act like they are happening in the world around us instead of in a virtual world.

Graphical Improvement Levels

On the other hand, there are two areas in graphics where some people have doubts. The first is that there is currently a limit on just how good graphics can get. While they can always get better and will eventually, it is about the timeline.


We will reach the point of diminishing returns where the improvements that can be made are so minor that they won’t make a difference to the overall look and feel of the game. While this isn’t at all guaranteed, it is important to note.


Realism Balance

Another area that is seeing a vast difference in opinion is that of realism. While many gamers want titles such as Call of Duty to look more realistic, this thought process doesn’t apply across the board.


Games like Pokemon have recently changed their appearance, removing the classic 16-bit style. While it doesn’t look realistic in the slightest, many game fans don’t want it to go in the realistic direction at all.


Improving the “cartoon” and animated look of games is also something people want to see: brighter colors, more defined models, and better-looking worlds.